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Hallo liebe Musikfreunde,

ich habe auf dieser Seite über 50.000 Songtitel in 42 Genre-Gruppen aufgelistet. Hinter jedem Titel befinden sich 3 Buttons mit denen Ihr folgendes machen könnt Diese Listen werden von mir nach und nach noch ausgebaut. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit den neuen Funktionen.

Liebe Grüße

Ergebnisliste für
50 & 50 BrothersDo The Crocodile1989
50 & 50 BrothersRed Man1987
50 & 50 BrothersRed Man (After Rain Mix)1987
AgoI Want You (Extended Vocal Remix)1986
Alan BarryCome On (Club Version)1986
Alan BarryCome On (Vocal Version)1986
Alan RossThe Last Wall (Swedish Remix)1986
Alan RossValentino Mon Amour (Dub Extended)1985
Alan RossValentino Mon Amour (Swedish Remix)1985
AlbaWithout You (feat. Fred Ventura) (Vocal Version)2011
Aldo LesinaGoodbye (Extended Power Mix)2014
Aldo LesinaRomance (Disco Mix)2012
AmadhouseShock Me (Extended)1988
AmayaNew Ways2014
AmayaSensation (Extended Version)2012
AmayaTrapped (Vocal Version)2014
AmazoneGino Gino (12'' Version)1986
AngelLover (12'' Version)1987
AngelLover (Angel's Midnight Special)1987
AngelLover (Vocoder Version)1987
Angie St. JohnFor Me, For You1985
Angie St. JohnLetter From My Heart (Dance Mix)1985
Apple In JacketNew World (Vocal)1988
ArgentinaBaby Don't Your Break My Heart1986
Art FineDark Silence (Long Version)1985
AssantiMa Pecche' (Vocal Version)1985
AttackCan't Stop (Vocal Original)1986
Baby's GangAmerica (Swedish 12" Remix)1985
Baby's GangAmerica (Swedish 7" Remix)1985
Baby's GangChallenger (Swedish Remix)1985
Baby's GangHappy Song1983
BaltimoraTarzan Boy1985
Boris ZhivagoIn A World Of Fantasy (Long Fantasy Mix)2013
Boris ZhivagoLove In Russia (Extended Mix)2014
Boris ZhivagoRussian Girl (Summer Mix)2014
Brian IceInside My Lonely Nights (Vocal Version)2014
Brian IceNight Girl (Extended Vocal Remix)1987
Brian IceTokyo (DJ Version)1986
Brian IceTokyo (Swedish Remix)1986
Brian IceWalking Away (Vocal Extended)1986
Candy BelleRackety Ride (Extended Version)1987
CasanovaI Love You (Long Mix)2014
Charlie G.Llama L'amour1987
ChikeriaLe Freak1986
ChikeriaSunset Rendezvous1987
Chris LuisThe Heart Of The City (Vocal Version)1983
Claudio MingardiStar (Extended Version)1984
CleoGo Go Dynamo (Vocal Version)1986
Cliff TurnerMoonlight Affair1986
Cliff TurnerYour Love1987
ClosedCrazy Love (Extended Version)2010
Clueless feat. Linda Jo RizzoFeel The Drive (Vocal Version)2013
ColorsLonely Night (Technicolor Version)1985
ColorsLonely Night (Vocal Version)1985
Copy-RightHypnotized (Maxi Version)1986
CubeTwo Heads Are Better Than One (Original 12'' Version)1982
Cyber PeopleDigital Signal Processor1988
Cyber PeopleDoctor Faustu's (Razzmatazz Version)1986
Cyber PeopleDoctor Faustus (Swedish Remix)1986
Cyber PeoplePolaris (Club Mix)1984
D. WhiteAll The Story Is History (Extended Version)2014
D. WhiteNo Connect (Long Version)2014
D.J. SavageI Bridge New Life (Extended Version)2014
D.J. SavageYou Can Fly (Special ZYX Long Version)2013
Dan MorrisonDon't Say Goodbye (Extended Version)1987
Dance DepartmentParadise (Adam & Eve Dance Mix)1986
Dave MerlinElectric Nights (Dance Version)1986
Dean CorporationApp Me (Italo Dance Mix)2014
Del FaroBandiera La Playa Del Sol (12'' Version)1987
DelgadoSummer Of '85 (Maxi Version)2014
Den HarrowBad Boy1985
Den HarrowCatch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe)1986
Den HarrowCharleston1986
Den HarrowDon't Break My Heart1987
Den HarrowDon't Break My Heart (Original 12" Mix)1987
Den HarrowEnergy Rain1987
Den HarrowFuture Brain1985
Den HarrowFuture Brain (Extended Version)1985
Den HarrowMad Desire1984
Den HarrowTo Meet Me (A-Version)1983
Den RyderIt's Hard To Say Goodbye (Bye Bye Mix)1987
DigitaloDigitalo (Extended Version)2014
DigitaloGirl From Russia (Extended Version)2014
DigitronicDisco Night (Maxi Version)1988
DiuxComet (Extended Version)1986
DJ LelwelHouse Machine1987
DreamtimeAmong The Stars (FM Mix)2013
DreamtimeCylonian Skyline (Revised Version)2009
Eddie HuntingtonU.S.S.R.1986
Eddie LopezIsland (Vocal)1986
Eddy HuntingtonHoney, Honey! (Extended Version)2013
Elen CoraDrama (Long Version)2012
Emy CareFly In The Sky (Dance Mix)2013
EugeneFree Your Life (DJ Version)1986
Faber DJFor Your Love1985
FIP ProjectStrangers From The Light1987
Flexy SummerIndio1986
Flo AstaireMonkey Monkey (45 Vox)1986
Flo AstaireMonkey Monkey (Extended Vocal Remix)1986
FlorenceNow And Forever (Extended)1988
FontanelliMarylin... I Love You (Vocal Version)1986
Francesco NapoliBalla...Balla (Italian Hit Connection)1987
Fred VenturaDon't Give Up (Italo Connection Remix)2014
Fred VenturaOpen Your Eyes (feat. Andy Romano)2008
Fun FunBaila Bolero (Bolero Dance Mix)1986
Fun FunColor My Love1984
Fun FunHappy Station1983
Fun FunHappy Station (Club Mix)1983
Fun FunHappy Station (Scratch Mix Extended)1983
G.F. LunghiAcapulco Nights (Swedish Remix)1984
G.G. NearLiving In A Room (Swedish Remix)1986
G.P. UniverseLet Me Love You1986
GarlandHeartbeat (Dance Version)1986
Grant MillerCalifornia Train1987
Grant MillerColder Than Ice1985
Grant MillerLost In Paradise (Extended Version)1989
Hazell DeanNo Fool For Love (The Murray Mix)1985
HelenWitch (Vocal Version)1983
HeliconThe Net (Vocal Version)2014
Holt ColdI Can Hear Your Voice (Vocal Extended)1986
Hugh BullenAlisand (Dub Version)1985
Hugh BullenAlisand (Vocal Version)1985
Humphrey RobertsonDon't Stop Loving Me (Disco Mix)1987
Humphrey RobertsonLove In Your Eyes (Extended Version)1988
Hurricanes, TheTropical Night1986
HypnosisAutomatic Piano1987
HypnosisPulstar (Disco Mix Edit)1983
HypnosisPulstar (Disco Mix)1983
Hysterical FitCome And Make Me High (Vocal Version)1985
ImageHot Stuff (Long Version)1984
IngelaDo The Motion1987
InterfaceLike Puppets (Extended Version)1988
InterfacePlastic Age (Male Vocal Mix)1987
ItaloveDisco Queen (feat. Ken Laszlo) (Flashback Re-Edit)2013
ItaloveFollow Me To Mexico (Flashback Ri-Mix)2013
IvanFotonovela (Chapter 1)1984
J.D. JaberDon't Wake Me Up (Swedish Remix)1986
JacoHey Operator (Rum Version)2014
Joe LettieriYou'll Be Mine (Mix Vox)1987
Joe LockwoodHey You1986
Joe YellowLove At First (Extended Version)1986
Joy PetersDon't Loose Your Heart1986
Joy PetersOne Night In Love1987
Just MarriedI Want You (Just The Way You Are) (Single Version)1988
KanoAnother Life (Maxi)1983
KanoAnother Life (Radio Version)1983
KanoIkeya Seki1983
KanoQueen Of Witches (Extended)1983
KaskoKybberrakkautta (Cybernetic Love)2008
Ken LaszloDon't Cry (Swedish Remix)1986
Ken LaszloHey Hey Guy (US Remix)1984
Ken LaszloLet Me Try (Extended)1989
Ken LaszloMadame1989
Ken LaszloS.O.S. (Vocal Version)2013
Ken LaszloTonight (Swedish Remix)1985
Ken LaszloTonight (Vocal)1985
Kinky GoGimme The Love (Long Vocal Version)1986
Kinky GoGimme The Love (US Remix)1986
Kinky GoI'm A Winner1986
Kittchen Club, TheCan't Stay1985
KotoDragon's Legend1988
KotoDragons Legend (Siegfried's Mix)1988
KotoJabdah (Chinese Mix)1986
KotoJabdah (DJ Version)1986
KotoJabdah (Original ZYX Remix)1986
KotoJapanese War Game (Club Mix)1983
KotoJapanese War Game (Master Mix)1983
KotoVisitors (The Alien Mix)1985
KryptonTokyo Girl1986
LaserdanceBattle Cry (Space Mix)1987
LaserdanceCosmic Energy (Space Version)2014
LaserdanceFall Of The Wall (DDR Space Mix)1990
LaserdanceHumanoid Invasion (Dance Mix)1986
LaserdanceHumanoid Invasion (Re-Edit Version)1986
LaserdanceHumanoid Invasion (Space Mix)1986
LaserdanceMoon Machine2014
Lee MarrowMr. Fantasy (Vocal Version)1986
Lee MarrowSayonara (Don't Stop) (Short Version)1985
Lee MarrowSayonara (Don't Stop) (Vocal Version)1985
Lee MarrowShanghai1985
Lee MarrowShanghai (Remix)1985
Lee MarrowShanghai (Single Edit)1985
LenroyDo You (Extended Version)2013
Les Mc KeownShe's A Lady (Scotch Long Version)1988
Lian RossFantasy (12" Version)1985
Lian RossFantasy (New Remix)1985
Lian RossSaturday Night (12'' Version)1985
Life MoviesLove Me Now (Base)1984
Linda Jo RizzoAll Around (feat. Ryan Paris) (80s Mix Long Version)2012
Linda Jo RizzoHeartflash (Tonight)1986
Linda Jo RizzoHeartflash (Tonight) (Extended Vocal Remix)1986
Linda Jo RizzoHey Joe1988
Linda Jo RizzoI've Got The Night1986
Linda Jo RizzoJust One World1986
Linda Jo RizzoKeep Trying1989
Linda Jo RizzoKeep Trying (Remix '89)1989
Linda Jo RizzoListen To The DJ1989
Linda Jo RizzoNo Lies1987
Linda Jo RizzoPassion1988
Linda Jo RizzoPerfect Love1987
Linda Jo RizzoStronger Together (feat. Fancy) (Italo Disco Remix)2014
Linda Jo RizzoUSSR (ZYX Italo Mix)2014
Linda Jo RizzoYou're My First, You're My Last1986
London BoysHarlem Desire (Maxi Version)1987
M@rgoMy Love In Your Heart (feat. Mode-One) (Disco Version)2014
Magazine 60Pancho Villa (Star De C) (U.S. Remix)1986
Magic MenPopcorn1983
Magic System DJInside (Maxi Version)2012
Marco RochowskiOrbit Of Fire (Remix)2009
Mark TowerYou Aren't Fall In Love (Vocal Version)1983
MassaraMargherita Love In The Sun (Original)1979
Matt De BonoLove Is A Danger (Vocal Version)1986
Maurice YesterdayCome On1986
Max CoveriBye Bye Baby (Radio Version)1987
Max CoveriBye Bye Baby (Re-Edit Version)1987
Max CoveriOne Two Three (feat. Radiorama) (Super Mix)1990
Max'n SandyKeep The Joint1988
MentionStrange World2008
Michael BedfordMore Than A Kiss1986
Michael BedfordSpace Boys1989
Michael BedfordTonight1987
Michael BedfordWhen Angels Talk1988
Mike CannonGoing Crazy (Extended Vocal Mix)1985
Mike CannonVoices In The Dark (Remix)1983
Mike StevenTwo Hearts (Dance Version)1986
Miko MissionHow Old Are You? (Radio Edit)1984
Miko MissionHow Old Are You? (Special Remix)1984
Miko MissionHow Old Are You? (Vocal Version)1984
Miko MissionLet It Be Love (Savino Mix)2010
Miko MissionTwo For Love (Mozzart Mix)1985
Miko MissionUniversal Feeling (Vocal Version)2014
Mind VisionDigital Mind2014
Mirko HirschLove On The Run (Extended Version)2013
MitoDroid (1987 Remix)1982
Mode-OneShe's Dancing Alone (Extended Version)2013
Modern BootsTears Of A Broken Heart (Extended Version)2014
Monte KristoThe Girl Of Lucifer (12'' Version)1985
MorganaReady For Love (Vocal Version)1987
Mr. ZivagoRussian Paradise (Dance Version)2007
Mr. ZivagoRussian Paradise (Night Version)2007
My MineHypnotic Tango (12" Version)1983
My MineHypnotic Tango (7" Version)1983
My MineZorro1984
Oh WellOh Well (88 Dance Mix)1989
Olivia GrayIn The Morning Light (Dance Version 1986)1983
P. LionHappy Children1983
P. LionHappy Children (Vocal)1983
Patrick ColbyMandrill (Extended Version)1985
Pepper GirlsSo Cold As Ice (Maxi Version)1989
PrimadonnaAngel You (Club Mix)1986
PrimadonnaAngel You (Extended Mix)1986
PrimeroOh Que Calor (Vocal Version)1987
ProdomoEvent Horizon2008
Protonic StormDreamscape (Short Mix)2012
ProxyonSpace Warriors1988
R. GiustiEscape From Danger (Vocal Version)1986
RadioramaAliens (Remix 89)1986
RadioramaAliens (Swedish Remix)1986
RadioramaBad Girls1988
RadioramaChance To Desire1985
RadioramaChance To Desire (Vocal Version)1985
RadioramaDesire (Remix)1986
RadioramaHey Hey (Remix 89)1986
RadioramaHey Hey (Vocal Version)1986
RadioramaYeti (Extended Vocal Remix)1987
RadioramaYeti (Remix 89)1987
RAFIl Sapore Di Un Baccio 1988
RAFSelf Control1984
RAFSelf Control (Special Maxi Version)1984
RAFTi Pretendo1989
RaffalliDon't Stop (Vocal Version)1985
Raggio Di LunaComanchero1984
Raggio Di LunaComanchero (Special Disco Remix)1984
Real CorporationAll Of The Time (Vocal Version)1986
Real HypeDon't Ask Me Why2006
RigheiraNo Tengo Dinero1983
RigheiraVamos A La Playa1983
RingoShoot Your Shot (Original Horror Version)1986
Rocky MFly With Me To Wonderland (Maxi Version)1986
RoxanneShow Me1986
RoyDestiny Time (Swedish Remix)1985
RoyShooting Star (Dub Version)1987
Ryan ParisDolce Vita1983
Ryan ParisDolce Vita (Vocal) (Disco Mix)1983
Ryan ParisI Wanna Love You Once Again (feat. Franca Morgan) (80s Dance Mix 2014)2010
RygarStar Tracks (Dance Version)1988
SabrinaBoys (Summertime Love)1987
SavageDon't Cry Tonight (Maxi Version)1983
SavageOnly You1984
ScotchDisco Band (DG Edit)1984
ScotchDisco Band (Remix)1984
ScotchDisco Band (Vocal)1984
ScotchMoney Runner (Extended Version)1986
ScotchTake Me Up1985
Secret ServiceNight City (Remix)1986
SharonTouch Me Baby (Extended Perfect Dance Mix)1989
Siberian HeatDon't Stop The Music (Spezial ZYX Maxi Version)2011
Siberian HeatMagic Blue Eyes (Long Version)2012
Siberian HeatPick Up The Phone (ZYX Summer Mix)2014
Silver PozzoliAround My Dream1985
Silver PozzoliAround My Dream (Vocal Version)1985
Silver PozzoliFrom You To Me (Vocal Version)1986
Space ProjectThe Return Of Space Raiders2008
Space ProjectThe Return Of Space Raiders (Marco Rochowski Remix)2008
SpagnaCall Me1987
SpagnaCall Me (Special Viva Remix)1987
SpagnaEasy Lady1986
SpagnaGente Come Noi1995
Steve AllenLetter From My Heart (12" Version)1984
Steve AllenMessage Of Love (12'' Version)1986
StylooPretty Face1983
StylooPretty Perversion1983
Susanne MealsForever (12" Version)1990
SusyIn My Mind (Vocal Version)2010
SwanDon't Talk About It (12'' Version)1986
SwanDon't Talk About It (7'' Version)1986
SwanDon't Talk About It (Swedish Remix)1986
SwanShining Star (Vocal Mix)2007
Sweeps, TheOptimistic Melancholic (Special Extended Version)2012
Sweeps, TheThe Last Dream (Flashback Remix)2012
Sweeps, TheVoices (Extended Version)2013
SyntechSoundly Computed1988
SynthesisSunbeam (Extended Mix)2012
T. ArkUnder Cover Lover1987
TaffyI Love My Radio (US-Remix)1985
Time MachineCold As Ice (feat. Albert One) (Another Version)2014
TimeriderCocoon (Dance Version)1985
TimeriderSpace Iwan1988
TomGive Me Just A Little Time (Maxi Version)1987
Tom SpencerFerrari1987
Tom SpencerKung Fu Fighting (Munich Mix)1986
TommyOne Night1986
TommyOne Night (Disco Tech Remix)1986
Tommy SunDancer (Italo Mix)2012
Tony Moore D.J.Tonight (Vocal Version)1985
TQIn The Night (feat. Ken Laszlo & Fred Ventura) (Extended Version)2014
TQLet The Night Remain Forever (Extended Version)2014
TQLet's Go To Tokyo (Axel Remix)2013
Valerie DoreGet Closer (Vocal)1984
Valerie DoreThe Night1984
Valerie DoreThe Night (Special Remix)1984
VanelloRock The Space2009
VanelloS.O.S. For Love (feat. Steven Kimber) (Maxi Version)2013
Vision TalkConfession (Extended Mix)2010
Vyck VyoElena (Classic Euro Extended Mix)2009
West VirginiaStars On Magic (Italomix)1988
Why NotSpace Trouble (Extended Monster Version)1987
Wish KeyEasy Way (Vocal)1984
YagmurAli Baba (Extended Dance Mix)1987
Yvonne KoomenLast Night (Vocal Version)1985
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