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Hallo liebe Musikfreunde,

hier findet Ihr einen Teil (ca. 25%) meiner Musikauswahl mit über 90.000 Songtitel. Aufgeteilt in 56 Genre-Gruppen. Hinter jedem Titel befinden sich 5 Buttons mit denen Ihr folgendes machen könnt Diese Listen werden von mir nach und nach noch ausgebaut. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit den neuen Funktionen.

Liebe Grüße

Ergebnisliste für
Blasters, TheDark Night (OST "From Dusk Till Dawn")1996
Blasters, TheI'm Shakin'1981
Bootleggers, TheBurnin' Hell (feat. Nick Cave) (OST "Lawless")2012
Bootleggers, TheFire And Brimstone (feat. Mark Lanegan) (OST "Lawless")2012
Brother Dege (AKA Dege Legg)Too Old To Die Young (OST "Django Unchained" 2012)2010
Busters, TheCouch Potato1989
Busters, TheLiebe Macht Blind (feat Farin Urlaub)2000
Busters, TheThey Rule The World1989
Coffinshakers, TheLast Night Down By The Grave2007
Coffinshakers, TheReturn Of The Vampire2007
CreepersDaddy Death2012
CreepersDaddy's Got A Chainsaw2019
CreepersGhostnight - The Dead Remembers2016
CreepersHells Celler2019
CreepersInspector X2016
CreepersThe Ballad Of Right Hand Left Hand2016
CreepersThe Horror Of Mechagodzilla2016
DeadcatsCrypt Zombie Hula2002
DeadcatsPeggy Suicide2007
Demented Are GoBe Bop A Lula1986
Demented Are GoDaddies Makin' Monsters1999
Demented Are GoHigh Heels1999
Demented Are GoHotrod Vampires2005
Demented Are GoQueen Of Disease1993
Demented Are GoSatans Rejects1988
Demented Are GoTransvestite Blues1986
Demented Are GoWhen Death Rides A Horse2005
Frantic FlintstonesMonte Carlo Or Bust1988
Handsome Family, TheFar From Any Road2003
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheBroken Heart2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheBuy, Beg Or Steal2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheChalk Farm Breakdown2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheEnola Gay2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheGoin' To Milano2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheImagine A World2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheMy Love For Evermore (feat. Mark 'Sparky' Philips)2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheNatascia2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheNight Of The Living Ted2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheRock'n'Roll Girl2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheShe Kicked Me To The Curb2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheTouch Me2011
Hillbilly Moon Explosion, TheTrouble & Strife2011
HorrorPopsDrama Queen2004
HorrorPopsKeep My Picture!2008
HorrorPopsKiss Kiss Kill Kill2008
HorrorPopsMiss Take2004
HorrorPopsThelma & Louise2008
HorrorPopsWalk Like A Zombie2005
HorrorPopsWhere They Wander2004
Meteors, TheGraveyard Stomp1982
Meteors, TheI Hate People2003
Meteors, TheJohnny Remember Me1983
Meteors, TheJuggernaut2004
Meteors, TheMy Daddy Is A Vampire1982
Meteors, TheRawhide1983
Meteors, TheShadow Time2007
Meteors, TheShe's A Zombie Now1999
Meteors, TheStrange Times (Are Coming)2012
Meteors, TheThese Boots Were Made For Walking1999
Meteors, TheWreckin' Crew1983
NekromantixGargoyles Over Copenhagen2003
PeacocksThe Girl's In Trouble And The Boy's In Panic2012
Quakes, The (2)New Generation1993
Quakes, The (2)Pack Our Bags And Go1988
RestlessBaby Please Don't Go (Live)1990
RestlessLong Black Shiny Car1982
RestlessWhy Don't You Just Rock1982
Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care2007
Robert Gordon & Chris SpeddingI Beg Of You2007
Robert Gordon & Chris SpeddingI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone2007
Robert Gordon & Chris SpeddingIt's Now Or Never2007
Selecter, TheTime Hard1980
Shakin' StevensA Letter To You1984
Shakin' StevensA Little Boogie Woogie (In The Back Of My Mind)1987
Shakin' StevensA Love Worth Waiting For1984
Shakin' StevensA Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around And Fall In Love) (feat. Bonnie Tyler)1984
Shakin' StevensBecause I Love You1986
Shakin' StevensBlue Christmas1985
Shakin' StevensBreaking Up My Heart1985
Shakin' StevensCome See About Me1987
Shakin' StevensFeel The Need In Me1988
Shakin' StevensGive Me Your Heart Tonight1982
Shakin' StevensGreen Door1981
Shakin' StevensHot Dog (feat. Albert Lee)1980
Shakin' StevensHow Many Tears Can You Hide1988
Shakin' StevensI Might1990
Shakin' StevensI'll Be Home For Christmas1991
Shakin' StevensI'll Be Satisfied1982
Shakin' StevensIt's Late1983
Shakin' StevensIt's Raining1981
Shakin' StevensJezebel1989
Shakin' StevensLipstick Powder And Paint1985
Shakin' StevensLove Attack1989
Shakin' StevensMarie Marie1980
Shakin' StevensMerry Christmas Everyone1985
Shakin' StevensMy Cutie Cutie1990
Shakin' StevensOh Julie1982
Shakin' StevensPink Champagne1990
Shakin' StevensRadio (feat. Roger Taylor)1992
Shakin' StevensShirley1982
Shakin' StevensTeardrops (feat. Hank Martin)1984
Shakin' StevensThe Best Christmas Of Them All1990
Shakin' StevensThis Ole House1981
Shakin' StevensTrue Love1988
Shakin' StevensTurning Away1985
Shakin' StevensWhat Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For1987
Shakin' StevensYes I Do1990
Shakin' StevensYou Drive Me Crazy1981
Stray CatsCrawl Up and Die1981
Stray CatsDouble Talkin' Baby1981
Stray CatsFishnet Stockings1981
Stray CatsJeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie1981
Stray CatsLooking For Someone To Love1986
Stray CatsMy One Desire1981
Stray CatsRock This Town1981
Stray CatsRumble In Brighton1981
Stray CatsRunaway Boys1981
Stray CatsStorm The Embassy1981
Stray CatsStray Cat Strut1981
Stray CatsUbangi Stomp1981
Stray CatsWild Saxophone1981
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