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Hallo liebe Musikfreunde,

hier findet Ihr einen Teil (ca. 25%) meiner Musikauswahl mit über 90.000 Songtitel. Aufgeteilt in 56 Genre-Gruppen. Hinter jedem Titel befinden sich 5 Buttons mit denen Ihr folgendes machen könnt Diese Listen werden von mir nach und nach noch ausgebaut. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit den neuen Funktionen.

Liebe Grüße

Ergebnisliste für
2nd Secret AffairRunning In The Night (Extended Mix)2013
A Flock Of Seagulls(It's Not Me) Talking1981
A Flock Of SeagullsD.N.A.1982
A Flock Of SeagullsHeartbeat Like A Drum1986
A Flock Of SeagullsI Ran (Edit)1982
A Flock Of SeagullsLiving In Heaven1984
A Flock Of SeagullsMagic (Extended Radio Mix)1989
A Flock Of SeagullsModern Love Is Automatic1982
A Flock Of SeagullsNever Again1984
A Flock Of SeagullsNightmares1983
A Flock Of SeagullsOver The Border1983
A Flock Of SeagullsRainfall1995
A Flock Of SeagullsRemember David (7" Version)1984
A Flock Of SeagullsSpace Age Love Song1982
A Flock Of SeagullsTelecommunications1983
A Flock Of SeagullsThe More You Live, The More You Love (7'' Version)1984
A Flock Of SeagullsTransfer Affection1983
A Flock Of SeagullsWho's That Girl (She's Got It)1985
A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)1982
A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (Maxi-Version)1982
A-HAA Little Bit2002
A-HAA Question Of Lust (Live Depeche Mode Cover 2000)1986
A-HAAnalogue (All I Want)2005
A-HABarely Hanging On2000
A-HAButterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)2010
A-HACast In Steel2015
A-HACosy Prisons (Aural Float Remix)2005
A-HACry Wolf1986
A-HACrying In The Rain1990
A-HADark Is The Night For All1993
A-HADid Anyone Approach You?2002
A-HADon't Do Me Any Favours2005
A-HADot The I1985
A-HAEarly Morning1991
A-HAFoot Of The Mountain (Erik Ljungren Remix)2009
A-HAFoot Of The Mountain (Radio Edit)2009
A-HAForever Not Yours2002
A-HAGiving Up The Ghost2015
A-HAHere I Stand And Face The Rain1985
A-HAHow Sweet It Was1993
A-HAHunting High And Low (7" Remix)1985
A-HAHunting High And Low (Extended Remix)1985
A-HAHunting High And Low (Live In Oslo 2001)1985
A-HAHurry Home1988
A-HAI Call Your Name1990
A-HAI Dream Myself Alive1985
A-HAI've Been Losing You1986
A-HAI've Been Losing You (Extended Version)1986
A-HALifelines (Boogieman Remix)2002
A-HALittle Black Heart2000
A-HALiving A Boy's Adventure Tale1985
A-HALiving At The End Of The World2015
A-HALove Is Reason1985
A-HAManhattan Skyline1986
A-HAManhattan Skyline (Live In Oslo 2001)1986
A-HAMaybe, Maybe1986
A-HAMemorial Beach1993
A-HAMinor Earth Major Sky2000
A-HAMinor Earth Major Sky (Black Dog Mix)2000
A-HAMonday Mourning1985
A-HAMother Nature Goes To Heaven2009
A-HAMove To Memphis (Single Version)1991
A-HAOut Of Blue Comes Green1988
A-HARiding The Crest2009
A-HAScoundrel Days1986
A-HAScoundrel Days (Live 2002)1986
A-HASoft Rains Of April1986
A-HAStay On These Roads1988
A-HAStay On These Roads (12" Version)1988
A-HAStop! And Make Your Mind Up1985
A-HASummer Moved On (Radio Edit)2000
A-HASummer Moved On (Remix)2000
A-HASunny Mystery2009
A-HATake On Me1984
A-HATake On Me (Extended Version)1984
A-HATake On Me (Live 2002)1984
A-HAThe Bandstand2009
A-HAThe Blood That Moves The Body1988
A-HAThe Blue Sky1985
A-HAThe Blue Sky (Demo)1985
A-HAThe Living Daylights (OST "James Bond")1987
A-HAThe Sun Always Shines On TV1985
A-HAThe Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended Version)1985
A-HAThe Sun Always Shines On TV (Live 2002)1985
A-HAThe Swing Of Things1986
A-HAThe Swing Of Things (Live 2002)1986
A-HAThe Weight Of The Wind1986
A-HAThere's Never A Forever Thing1988
A-HAThis Alone Is Love1988
A-HAThought That It Was You2000
A-HATo Let You Win2000
A-HATrain Of Thought1985
A-HATrain Of Thought (7" Remix)1985
A-HATrain Of Thought (Remix)1985
A-HAWe're Looking For The Whales1986
A-HAWhat There Is2009
A-HAYou Are The One1988
A-HAYou Are The One (Remix)1988
A-HAYou'll Never Get Over Me2000
ABCAll Of My Heart (Edit)1982
ABCBe Near Me1985
ABCBrighter Than The Sun2016
ABCConfessions Of A Fool2016
ABCHow To Be A Millionaire1984
ABCHow To Be A Millionaire (Razormaid Mix)1984
ABCKing Without A Crown1987
ABCKing Without A Crown (The Mendelsohn Mix)1987
ABCKiss Me Goodbye2016
ABCOcean Blue1985
ABCOne Better World (Edit)1989
ABCPeace And Tranquility2001
ABCPoison Arrow1982
ABCSinger Not The Song2016
ABCTears Are Not Enough1981
ABCThat Was Then But This Is Now1983
ABCThe Look Of Love1982
ABCThe Look Of Love (USA Remix Dub Version)1982
ABCThe Night You Murdered Love1987
ABCThe Real Thing1989
ABCVanity Kills1985
ABCVanity Kills (The Mendelsohn Mix)1985
ABCViva Love2016
ABCWhen Smokey Sings (Edit)1987
Adventures, TheBroken Land1988
Adventures, TheTwo Rivers (Extended Mix) (Blank & Jones Mixed)1985
Al CorleySquare Rooms1984
Al CorleySquare Rooms (Long Version)1984
AlishaBaby Talk1985
Alison MoyetAll Cried Out1984
Alison MoyetChangeling2013
Alison MoyetInvisible1984
Alison MoyetIs This Love?1986
Alison MoyetIs This Love? (L.A. Mix)1986
Alison MoyetLove Resurrection1984
Alison MoyetNobody's Diary1983
Alison MoyetOnly You1982
Alison MoyetOrdinary Girl1987
Alison MoyetRight As Rain2013
Alison MoyetSituation1982
Alison MoyetThat Ole Devil Called Love1985
Alison MoyetThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face1995
Alison MoyetWeak In The Presence Of Beauty1987
AlphavilleA Handful Of Darkness2017
AlphavilleA Victory Of Love1984
AlphavilleA Victory Of Love (Demo Remix)1984
AlphavilleA Victory Of Love (Live 1998/99) (Edit)1984
AlphavilleAfternoons In Utopia1986
AlphavilleAin't It Strange1994
AlphavilleAll In The Golden Afternoon1994
AlphavilleAnd As For Love2003
AlphavilleAround The Universe2017
AlphavilleAscension Day1994
AlphavilleBig In Japan1984
AlphavilleBig In Japan (Demo Remix)1984
AlphavilleBig In Japan (Extended Remix)1984
AlphavilleBig In Japan (Single Version)1984
AlphavilleBlauer Engel (Original Demo)1984
AlphavilleC Me Thru2003
AlphavilleCall Me2010
AlphavilleCall Me Down2010
AlphavilleCarol Masters1986
AlphavilleCarry Your Flag2001
AlphavilleCarry Your Flag (2010)2001
AlphavilleColours (Instrumental)1984
AlphavilleCosmopolitician (Live 1998/99)2000
AlphavilleDance With Me1986
AlphavilleDance With Me (Long Version)1986
AlphavilleDance With Me (Sebastian Komor 2008 Edit Mix)1986
AlphavilleDangerous Places1997
AlphavilleDo The Strand2001
AlphavilleEnd Of The World2010
AlphavilleFallen Angel1984
AlphavilleFallen Angel (Orchestral Demo Version) (2010)1984
AlphavilleFantastic Dream1986
AlphavilleFlame (Live 1998/99)1997
AlphavilleFor A Million1989
AlphavilleForever Young1984
AlphavilleForever Young (Hamel Album Mix) (2006)1984
AlphavilleForever Young (Live 1998/99) (Edit)1984
AlphavilleForever Young (Special Dance Version)1984
AlphavilleForever Young (Version Rapide)1984
AlphavilleGolden Feeling1984
AlphavilleGravitation Breakdown2010
AlphavilleGuardian Angel1997
AlphavilleGuardian Angel (Live 1998/99)1997
AlphavilleGuardian Angel (Triggertrax Remix 2006)1997
AlphavilleHeartbreak City2017
AlphavilleHeaven On Earth (The Things We've Got To Do)2010
AlphavilleHeaven Or Hell1989
AlphavilleHouse Of Ghosts2017
AlphavilleI Die For You Today2010
AlphavilleI Die For You Today (Blank & Jones So80s Mix)2010
AlphavilleIn The Mood1984
AlphavilleIn The Mood (Demo Remix)1984
AlphavilleInside Out1997
AlphavilleInside Out (Lost Single Mix) (2001)1997
AlphavilleInside Out (Neurosensory Remix) (2000)1997
AlphavilleInto The Dark (Demo Remix)1984
AlphavilleIron John1994
AlphavilleIvory Tower1994
AlphavilleJerusalem (Live 1998/99)1986
AlphavilleJerusalem (The Palace Version)1986
AlphavilleLassie Come Home1986
AlphavilleLeben Ohne Ende / Seeds (Original Demo)1984
AlphavilleLies (Original Demo)1984
AlphavilleMafia Island2017
AlphavilleMarionettes With Halos2017
AlphavilleMiddle Of The Riddle1989
AlphavilleMiracle Healing2001
AlphavilleMiracle Healing (2010)2001
AlphavilleMonkey In The Moon1997
AlphavilleMonkey In The Moon (Live 1998/99)1997
AlphavilleMoonboy (Thank You) (feat. Gaby Becker)2001
AlphavilleNew Horizons1997
AlphavilleNew Horizons (Live 1998/99)1997
AlphavillePandora's Lullaby1997
AlphavillePatricia's Park1989
AlphavillePoint Of Know Return1997
AlphavilleRed Rose1986
AlphavilleRed Rose (12" Mix)1986
AlphavilleRed Rose (Single Version '88)1986
AlphavilleReturn To Paradise (Part 2)2001
AlphavilleRomeos (7" Version)1989
AlphavilleSensations (7" Version)1986
AlphavilleShadows She Said (Omerta)2001
AlphavilleShe Fades Away1989
AlphavilleShip Of Fools2001
AlphavilleSome People1994
AlphavilleSong For No One2010
AlphavilleSoul Messiah1997
AlphavilleSounds Like A Melody1984
AlphavilleSounds Like A Melody (Live 1998/99) (Edit)1984
AlphavilleSounds Like A Melody (Single Version)1984
AlphavilleSounds Like A Melody (Special Long Version)1984
AlphavilleState Of Dreams2001
AlphavilleStill Falls The Rain2001
AlphavilleSummer In Berlin1984
AlphavilleSummer Rain1989
AlphavilleThe Deep2010
AlphavilleThe II Girlz2001
AlphavilleThe Impossible Dream1994
AlphavilleThe Jet Set1984
AlphavilleThe Jet Set (Edit)1984
AlphavilleThe Jet Set (Jellybean Mix)1984
AlphavilleThe Jet Set (Single Remix)1984
AlphavilleThe Mysteries Of Love1989
AlphavilleThe Nelson Highrise (Sector 1: The Elevator) (12" Version)1984
AlphavilleThe Nelson Highrise (Sector 1: The Elevator) (M.F. Version '99)1984
AlphavilleThe Nelson Highrise (Sector 1: The Elevator) (Single Version)1984
AlphavilleThe One Thing1994
AlphavilleThe Paradigm Shift1994
AlphavilleThe Things I Didn't Do2010
AlphavilleThe Voyager1986
AlphavilleTo Germany With Love1984
AlphavilleTo Germany With Love (Sebastian R. Komor Extended Remix) (2007)1984
AlphavilleTraumtänzer (Original Demo)1984
AlphavilleUniversal Daddy1986
AlphavilleWaiting 4 The Nu Lite2001
AlphavilleWelcome To The Sun1984
AlphavilleWishful Thinking1997
Altered ImagesAnother Lost Look1983
Altered ImagesDon't Talk To Me About Love1983
Altered ImagesHappy Birthday1981
AnekaJapanese Boy1981
AnimotionI Engineer1986
AnimotionI Engineer (12" Version)1986
AnimotionObsession (Dance Mix)1984
AnimotionObsession (US 12'')1984
Annie LennoxA Thin Line Between Love And Hate1995
Annie LennoxA Thousand Beautiful Things2003
Annie LennoxA Whiter Shade Of Pale1995
Annie LennoxHeaven1995
Annie LennoxI Can't Get Next To You1995
Annie LennoxLittle Bird1992
Annie LennoxLove Song For A Vampire (OST "Bram Stoker's Dracula")1992
Annie LennoxNo More "I Love You's"1995
Annie LennoxOh Little Town Of Bethlehem2010
Annie LennoxPattern Of My Life2009
Annie LennoxPrecious1992
Annie LennoxShining Light2009
Annie LennoxSing2006
Annie LennoxTake Me To The River1995
Annie LennoxWalking On Broken Glass1992
Annie LennoxWhy1992
Anything BoxA Moment's Shifting1993
Anything BoxEvery Single Day1993
Anything BoxGoodbye1994
Anything BoxOur Dreams1990
ArcadiaEl Diablo1985
ArcadiaElection Day (feat. Grace Jones)1985
ArcadiaElection Day (feat. Grace Jones) (Consensus Mix)1985
ArcadiaElection Day (feat. Grace Jones) (Cryptic Cut No Voice Mix)1985
ArcadiaElection Day (feat. Grace Jones) (Cryptic Cut)1985
ArcadiaElection Day (feat. Grace Jones) (Early Rough Mix)1985
ArcadiaElection Day (feat. Grace Jones) (Single Version)1985
ArcadiaGoodbye Is Forever1985
ArcadiaGoodbye Is Forever (12" Extended Mix)1985
ArcadiaGoodbye Is Forever (Dub Mix)1985
ArcadiaGoodbye Is Forever (Single Mix)1985
ArcadiaKeep Me In The Dark1985
ArcadiaLady Ice1985
ArcadiaRose Arcana1985
ArcadiaRose Arcana (Extended)1985
ArcadiaSay The Word (7" Edit) (Theme From "Playing For Keeps")1985
ArcadiaSay The Word (Extended Vocal Remix) (Theme From "Playing For Keeps")1985
ArcadiaShe's Moody And Grey, She's Mean And Restless1985
ArcadiaThe Flame1985
ArcadiaThe Flame (7" Remix)1985
ArcadiaThe Flame (Extended Remix)1985
ArcadiaThe Promise1985
ArcadiaThe Promise (12" Mix)1985
ArcadiaThe Promise (7" Mix)1985
Art Of Noise, TheA Time For Fear (Who's Afraid?)1984
Art Of Noise, TheAnd What Have You Done With My Body, God?1983
Art Of Noise, TheBeat Box (Division One)1983
Art Of Noise, TheBeat Box (Original Battle Version)1983
Art Of Noise, TheClose (To The Edit) (12" Version)1984
Art Of Noise, TheClose (To The Edit) (7" Version)1984
Art Of Noise, TheClose To The Edge (Ruff Mix)1984
Art Of Noise, TheDragnet (Art Of Noise '88 12" Mix) (From The Motion Picture Dragnet)1987
Art Of Noise, TheIt's Not Fair1983
Art Of Noise, TheLegacy (12" Version)1986
Art Of Noise, TheMoments In Bed1983
Art Of Noise, TheMoments In Love1983
Art Of Noise, TheMoments In Love (12" Version)1983
Art Of Noise, TheMoments In Love (7" Master Rejected)1983
Art Of Noise, TheMoments In Love (Beaten) (1985)1983
Art Of Noise, TheMoments In Love (Blank & Jones So80s Reconstruction 2014)1984
Art Of Noise, TheMoments In Love (Extended Version)1983
Art Of Noise, TheOnce Upon A Lime1983
Art Of Noise, TheParanoimia (12" Version feat. Max Headroom)1986
Art Of Noise, ThePeter Gunn Theme (The Twang Mix) (feat. Duane Eddy)1986
Art Of Noise, TheThe Ambassadors Reel: Beat Box1984
Art Of Noise, TheWho's Afraid Of Scale?1983
Ashford & SimpsonSolid1984
Aztec CameraGood Morning Britain (Kitsch 'N' Sync Mix)1990
Aztec CameraSomewhere In My Heart1988
Aztec CameraWorking In A Goldmine1988
B-52's, The(Meet) The Flintstones (OST)1994
B-52's, The52 Girls1979
B-52's, The6060-8421979
B-52's, TheButterbean1983
B-52's, TheCake1982
B-52's, TheChannel Z1989
B-52's, TheDance This Mess Around1979
B-52's, TheDeadbeat Club1989
B-52's, TheDebbie1998
B-52's, TheDevil In My Car1980
B-52's, TheDirty Back Road1980
B-52's, TheDowntown1979
B-52's, TheGirl From Ipanema Goes To Greenland1986
B-52's, TheGive Me Back My Man1980
B-52's, TheGood Stuff1992
B-52's, TheHallucinating Pluto1998
B-52's, TheHero Worship1979
B-52's, TheIs That You Mo-Dean?1992
B-52's, TheLava1980
B-52's, TheLegal Tender1983
B-52's, TheLove Shack1989
B-52's, TheLoveland1982
B-52's, TheMesopotamia1982
B-52's, TheMoon 831983
B-52's, TheNip It In The Bud1982
B-52's, TheParty Out Of Bounds1980
B-52's, ThePlanet Claire1979
B-52's, ThePlanet Claire (Original 12" Mix)1979
B-52's, ThePrivate Idaho1980
B-52's, TheQueen Of Las Vegas1983
B-52's, TheRoam1989
B-52's, TheRoam (Extended Mix)1989
B-52's, TheRock Lobster1979
B-52's, TheSong For A Future Generation1983
B-52's, TheStrobe Light1980
B-52's, TheSummer Of Love1986
B-52's, TheThere's A Moon In The Sky (Called The Moon)1979
B-52's, TheWhammy Kiss1983
B-52's, TheWig1986
B-MovieAge Of Illusion2013
B-MovieArctic Summer1985
B-MovieBlind Allegiance1985
B-MovieDark Lines2013
B-MovieFilm Music Part 11981
B-MovieForever Running1985
B-MovieForever Running (12" Long Version)1985
B-MovieHeart Of Gold1985
B-MovieInstitution Walls1980
B-MovieJust An Echo1985
B-MovieLetter From Afar1984
B-MovieLetter From Afar (12" Long Version)1984
B-MovieMarilyn Dreams1981
B-MovieMarilyn Dreams (Extended)1981
B-MovieMy Ship Of Dreams1985
B-MovieNowhere Girl1980
B-MovieNowhere Girl (12" Version)1982
B-MovieNowhere Girl (7" Version)1982
B-MovieOther People's Lives2013
B-MoviePerfect Storm2013
B-MoviePolar Opposites (Version 2005)1989
B-MovieRazor's Edge2013
B-MovieRemembrance Day1980
B-MovieRemembrance Day (12" Version)1980
B-MovieRemembrance Day (Remix 2) (1988)1980
B-MovieScare Some Life Into Me1982
B-MovieShe's A Car Crash2013
B-MovieSwitch On - Switch Off1985
B-MovieSwitch On - Switch Off (S.O.R. Mix)1985
B-MovieThe Dreamers2013
B-MovieTo The Ends Of The Earth2013
Bad Boys BlueDon`t Walk Away Suzanne1988
Bad Boys BlueKisses & Tears (My One And Only)1986
Bad Boys BlueMon Amie (Extended Remix)1986
Bad Boys BlueYou're A Woman1985
Bad Boys BlueYou're A Woman (Long Version)1985
Bad MannersWhat The Papers Say1985
Bad MannersWhat The Papers Say (12'' Remix)1985
BananaramaAie A Mwana1981
BananaramaCruel Summer1984
BananaramaCruel Summer (Special Disco Version)1984
BananaramaI Can't Help It1987
BananaramaI Heard A Rumour1987
BananaramaI Want You Back1988
BananaramaIt Ain't What You Do1982
BananaramaLove In The First Degree1987
BananaramaLove, Truth And Honesty1988
BananaramaNa Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)1983
BananaramaNathan Jones1988
BananaramaPreacher Man (7-inch Mix)1991
BananaramaReally Saying Something1982
BananaramaRobert De Niro's Waiting1984
BananaramaRobert De Niro's Waiting (Special Disco Mix)1984
BananaramaRough Justice1984
BananaramaShy Boy1982
BananaramaTrick Of The Night1986
BananaramaVenus (12'' Hellfire Mix)1986
Bangles, TheBe With You1989
Bangles, TheEternal Flame1989
Bangles, TheEverything I Wanted1990
Bangles, TheFollowing1987
Bangles, TheGoing Down To Liverpool1984
Bangles, TheHazy Shade Of Winter1987
Bangles, TheHero Takes A Fall1984
Bangles, TheI'll Set You Free1989
Bangles, TheIf She Knew What She Wants1986
Bangles, TheIn Your Room1988
Bangles, TheManic Monday1985
Bangles, TheMy Side Of The Bed1990
Bangles, TheWalk Like An Egyptian1986
Bangles, TheWalking Down Your Street1986
Bangles, TheWhere Were You When I Needed You1984
Bazooka JoeSmallville (Edit Version)1992
Beagle Music Ltd.Ice In The Sunshine (OST "Langnese Eiscreme Werbung")1986
Belinda Carlisle(We Want) The Same Thing1990
Belinda CarlisleA Prayer For Everyone1999
Belinda CarlisleAll God's Children1999
Belinda CarlisleAlways Breaking My Heart1996
Belinda CarlisleBig Scary Animal1999
Belinda CarlisleCalifornia1999
Belinda CarlisleCircle In The Sand1987
Belinda CarlisleCircle In The Sand (Beach Party Mix)1987
Belinda CarlisleDeep Deep Ocean1989
Belinda CarlisleDo You Feel Like I Feel?1991
Belinda CarlisleFeels Like I've Known You Forever1999
Belinda CarlisleFool For Love1987
Belinda CarlisleHeaven Is A Place On Earth1987
Belinda CarlisleHeaven Is A Place On Earth (Heavenly Version)1987
Belinda CarlisleI Feel Free1987
Belinda CarlisleI Get Weak1988
Belinda CarlisleI Get Weak (12" Version)1987
Belinda CarlisleIn Too Deep1999
Belinda CarlisleLa Luna1989
Belinda CarlisleLeave A Light On1989
Belinda CarlisleLife In The Key Of C1999
Belinda CarlisleLittle Black Book1999
Belinda CarlisleLive Your Life Be Free1991
Belinda CarlisleLoneliness Game1991
Belinda CarlisleLove Never Dies1987
Belinda CarlisleNobody Owns Me1987
Belinda CarlisleRunaway Horses1989
Belinda CarlisleShades Of Michaelangelo1989
Belinda CarlisleShould I Let You In?1987
Belinda CarlisleSummer Rain1990
Belinda CarlisleValentine1989
Belinda CarlisleVision Of You1989
Belinda CarlisleWe Can Change1987
Belinda CarlisleWhatever It Takes1989
Belinda CarlisleWorld Without You1987
Belinda CarlisleWorld Without You (Panavision Mix)1987
Belouis SomeImagination1985
Belouis SomeImagination (12" Version)1985
Beloved, TheSweet Harmony1992
Ben LiebrandThe Eve Of The War1989
BerlinAnimal (Remix)2013
BerlinDancing In Berlin1984
BerlinFor All Tomorrow's Lies1984
BerlinLike Flames1986
BerlinNo More Words1984
BerlinNow It's My Turn1984
BerlinPink And Velvet1986
BerlinPleasure Victim1982
BerlinSex (I'm A)1982
BerlinTake My Breath Away (OST "Top Gun")1986
BerlinThe Metro1981
BerlinWhen We Make Love1984
BerlinWill I Ever Understand You1986
BerlinYou Don't Know1986
Big Audio DynamiteE=MC21986
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (OST "Dirty Dancing)1987
Billy IdolBlue Highway1983
Billy IdolCatch My Fall1983
Billy IdolCradle Of Love1990
Billy IdolDancing With Myself1982
Billy IdolDancing With Myself (Uptown Mix)1982
Billy IdolDon't Need A Gun (Meltdown Mix)1987
Billy IdolDon't Need A Gun (Single Edit)1987
Billy IdolEyes Without A Face1984
Billy IdolEyes Without A Face (Full Length Version)1984
Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy1984
Billy IdolHot In The City1985
Billy IdolJohn Wayne (Radio Edit)2008
Billy IdolL. A. Woman1990
Billy IdolMony Mony1987
Billy IdolPostcards From The Past2014
Billy IdolPumping On Steel1990
Billy IdolRebel Yell1984
Billy IdolShock To The System1993
Billy IdolSweet Sixteen1987
Billy IdolThe Loveless1990
Billy IdolTo Be A Lover1986
Billy IdolWhite Wedding (Part 1 & 2 - Shotgun Mix)1985
Billy IdolWhite Wedding (Part 1) (OST "True Romance" 1993)1985
Billy IdolWorld's Forgotten Boy1986
BlackEverything's Coming Up Roses1987
BlackI Can Laugh About It Now1988
BlackNow You're Gone1988
BlackThe Big One1988
BlackWhatever People Say You Are1988
BlackWonderful Life1986
BlackYou're A Big Girl Now1988
BlancmangeBlind Vision1984
BlancmangeDon't Tell Me1984
BlancmangeGame Above My Head1984
BlancmangeGame Above My Head (Extended Version)1983
BlancmangeI Want Your Love2015
BlancmangeI've Seen The Word1982
BlancmangeIt Didn't Take Long2015
BlancmangeLike I Do2015
BlancmangeLike I Do (Extended Version)2015
BlancmangeLiving On The Ceiling1982
BlancmangePaddington (Alternative Edit)2015
BlancmangeSad Day1981
BlancmangeThat's Love That It Is1984
BlancmangeThe Day Before You Came1984
BlancmangeWhat's Your Problem1985
Blind DateYour Heart Keeps Burning1985
Blondie(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear1978
BlondieAtomic '98 (Xenomania Mix 1998)1980
BlondieAtomic (Diddy's 12" Mix)1980
BlondieCall Me1980
BlondieCall Me (Original 12" Mix)1980
BlondieForgive And Forget1999
BlondieHanging On The Telephone1978
BlondieHeart Of Glass1978
BlondieNo Exit1999
BlondieOne Way Or Another1979
BlondieRip Her To Shreds1977
BlondieSunday Girl1978
BlondieThe Tide Is High1980
BlondieUnder The Gun (For Jeffrey Lee Pierce)1999
BlondieUnion City Blue1979
BlondieWar Child1982
Blow Monkeys, TheAeroplane City Lovesong1986
Blow Monkeys, TheAtomic Lullaby1984
Blow Monkeys, TheChained2013
Blow Monkeys, TheCover Me2013
Blow Monkeys, TheDigging Your Scene1986
Blow Monkeys, TheDigging Your Scene (12'' Mastermind Remix)1986
Blow Monkeys, TheFace In The Rock2011
Blow Monkeys, TheFeels Like A New Morning2013
Blow Monkeys, TheHeaven Is A Place1986
Blow Monkeys, TheIt Doesn't Have To Be This Way1986
Blow Monkeys, TheIt Doesn't Have To Be This Way (Long Version)1986
Blow Monkeys, TheMan From Russia1984
Blow Monkeys, TheOh My2013
Blow Monkeys, TheOut With Her1987
Blow Monkeys, ThePrayin' For Rain2011
Blow Monkeys, TheShake It Off2013
Blow Monkeys, TheSlaves No More (feat. Sylvia Tella)1989
Blow Monkeys, TheSweet Murder (The Smile On Her Face) (Extended Version)1986
Blow Monkeys, TheThis Is Your Life ('88 Remix)1988
Blow Monkeys, TheWalking The Bluebeat1986
Blow Monkeys, TheWicked Ways (7" Version)1986
Blow Monkeys, TheWicked Ways (Long Version)1986
Blow Monkeys, TheWildflower1984
Blow Monkeys, TheYou Don't Own Me (OST "Dirty Dancing")1987
Blue SystemLaila1995
Blue SystemRomeo & Juliet1992
Blue SystemSilent Water1988
Blue SystemUnder My Skin1988
Bob GeldofBanana Republic (Boomtown Rats)1980
Bob GeldofClose As You'll Ever Be (Boomtown Rats)1977
Bob GeldofCrazy1994
Bob GeldofDiamond Smiles (Boomtown Rats)1979
Bob GeldofHouse On Fire (Boomtown Rats)1982
Bob GeldofI Don't Like Mondays (Boomtown Rats)1979
Bob GeldofLike Clockwork (Boomtown Rats)1978
Bob GeldofLooking After No. 1 (Boomtown Rats)1979
Bob GeldofLove Or Something1990
Bob GeldofMary Of The 4Th Form (Single Version) (Boomtown Rats)1977
Bob GeldofRat Trap (Boomtown Rats)1978
Bob GeldofRoom 19 (Sha La La La Lee)1992
Bob GeldofShe's So Modern (Boomtown Rats)1978
Bob GeldofSomeone's Looking At You (Boomtown Rats)1979
Bob GeldofThe Beat Of The Night1986
Bob GeldofThe Elephant's Graveyard (Boomtown Rats)1980
Bob GeldofThe Great Song Of Indifference1990
Bob GeldofThis Is The World Calling1986
Bonnie BiancoMiss You So1987
Book Of LoveAlice Everyday1991
Book Of LoveBook Of Love1986
Book Of LoveBoy1986
Book Of LoveBoy (Extended Mix)1985
Book Of LoveBoy Pop1992
Book Of LoveChatterbox, Pt. 21992
Book Of LoveEnchanted1992
Book Of LoveFlower In My Hand1992
Book Of LoveHappily Ever After1992
Book Of LoveHunny Hunny (Radio Remix)1992
Book Of LoveI Touch Roses1986
Book Of LoveLost Souls1986
Book Of LoveModigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)1986
Book Of LoveModigliani (Lost In Your Eyes) (I Dream Of Jeanne Mix)1986
Book Of LoveModigliani (Requiem Mass Version)1986
Book Of LovePretty Boys And Pretty Girls (Single Version)1988
Book Of LoveSound And Vision1992
Book Of LoveStill Angry1986
Book Of LoveTubular Bells1988
Book Of LoveWhite Lies1986
Book Of LoveWitchcraft (Extended Mix)1988
Book Of LoveYellow Sky1986
Book Of LoveYou Make Me Feel So Good1986
BoulevardRainy Day In London (Full Length Version)1984
BoytronicA Song For The Lonely2002
BoytronicA Tune Called Emotion2002
BoytronicAll The Memories1988
BoytronicBlue Velvet (Razormaid Remix)1995
BoytronicBryllyant (33 1/3 Plus 8 Radio Edit)1988
BoytronicBryllyant (33 1/3 Plus 8 Remix)1988
BoytronicBryllyant (New Beat Mix)1988
BoytronicDiamonds And Loving Arms1983
BoytronicDon't Let Me Down1988
BoytronicDon't Let Me Down (Extended Euro Mix)1988
BoytronicDon't Let Me Down (US Club Mix)1988
BoytronicHold On (Deaf Dumb & Blind Mix)1985
BoytronicHold On (Razormaid Mix)1985
BoytronicHurts (Maxi Version)1986
BoytronicI Want To Live In Harmony1983
BoytronicI Will Follow2002
BoytronicI Will Survive (Extended Vocal Version)2014
BoytronicKilling Fields1988
BoytronicLiving Without You2002
BoytronicLiving Without You (Foreland Version By Ronan Harris From VNV Nation)2002
BoytronicLove For Sale1988
BoytronicLove For Sale (Extended D.J. Edit)1988
BoytronicLove Remains2002
BoytronicLuna Square (Edit)1983
BoytronicMan In A Uniform (Continental-Mix)1984
BoytronicMy World, Your World1988
BoytronicNever Ever1988
BoytronicPioneers (Are Marching On)2002
BoytronicRed Chips1983
BoytronicTears (Extended Version)1988
BoytronicThe Age Of Industry (Razormaid Mix)1988
BoytronicTrigger Track1984
BoytronicTrigger Track (Special 89' Remix)1984
BoytronicX-Rated Phone Calls (X-Mix)1984
BoytronicYou (Celluloide Remix 2004)1983
BoytronicYou (Extended Version)1983
BoytronicYou (Sexy Body Mix 1992)1983
BoytronicYou (Single Version)1983
BoytronicYou're The One Who Stays1983
Breathe (3)All This I Should Have Known1987
Breathe (3)Does She Love That Man?1990
Breathe (3)Don't Tell Me Lies1987
Breathe (3)How Can I Fall1987
Breathe (3)Say A Prayer1990
Brian Eno2 Forms Of Anger2010
Brian EnoAmerica Is Waiting1981
Brian EnoAn Ending (Ascent) (OST "28 Days Later")2002
Brian EnoBack In Judy's Jungle1974
Brian EnoBone Jump2010
Brian EnoCalcium Needles2010
Brian EnoComplex Heaven2010
Brian EnoEmerald And Lime2010
Brian EnoEverything Merges With The Night1975
Brian EnoFickle Sun (III) I'm Set Free2016
Brian EnoHere He Comes1977
Brian EnoHorse2010
Brian EnoI'll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoe)1975
Brian EnoJulie With1977
Brian EnoLesser Heaven2010
Brian EnoLoose Rein2010
Brian EnoMea Culpa1981
Brian EnoMoonlight In Glory1981
Brian EnoNo One Receiving1977
Brian EnoPaleosonic2010
Brian EnoRegiment1981
Brian EnoSlow Ice, Old Moon2010
Brian EnoSt. Elmo's Fire1975
Brian EnoThe Carrier1981
Brian EnoThe Jezebel Spirit1981
Brian EnoVery, Very Hungry1981
Brian EnoWritten, Forgotten2010
Bronski BeatC'mon! C'mon!1986
Bronski BeatC'mon! C'mon! (12" Version)1986
Bronski BeatDo It1986
Bronski BeatHit That Perfect Beat1985
Bronski BeatHit That Perfect Beat (12" Version)1985
Bronski BeatHit That Perfect Beat (Instant Mix)1985
Bronski BeatI Feel Love / Johnny Remember Me1984
Bronski BeatIt Ain't Necessarily So1984
Bronski BeatJunk1984
Bronski BeatLove & Money1984
Bronski BeatNo More War1984
Bronski BeatPunishment For Love1986
Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy (Album Version)1984
Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy (Maxi Version)1984
Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy (Single Version)1984
Bronski BeatTruthdare Doubledare1986
Bronski BeatWe Know How It Feels1986
Bronski BeatWhy?1984
BrosI Owe You Nothing1988
BrosSilent Night1988
BrosWhen Will I Be Famous?1987
Brother BeyondThe Harder I Try1988
Bruce & BongoGeil (Das Original)1986
Bruce Hornsby & The RangeThe Way It Is1986
Bryan FerryA Fool For Love2002
Bryan FerryA Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall1973
Bryan FerryAll I Want Is You (Roxy Music)1974
Bryan FerryAngel Eyes (Roxy Music)1979
Bryan FerryAvalon (Roxy Music)1982
Bryan FerryBoth Ends Burning (Roxy Music)1975
Bryan FerryDance Away (Roxy Music)1979
Bryan FerryDo The Strand (Roxy Music)1973
Bryan FerryDon't Stop The Dance1985
Bryan FerryDon't Stop The Dance (Special 12" Remix)1985
Bryan FerryGoddess Of Love2002
Bryan FerryHe'll Have To Go1989
Bryan FerryHelp Me1986
Bryan FerryI Put A Spell On You1993
Bryan FerryIs Your Love Strong Enough?1986
Bryan FerryIs Your Love Strong Enough? (Long Version)1986
Bryan FerryIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue2002
Bryan FerryJealous Guy (Edit) (Roxy Music)1981
Bryan FerryKiss And Tell1988
Bryan FerryKiss And Tell (Dance Remix)1988
Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together1976
Bryan FerryLimbo1987
Bryan FerryLoop De Li2014
Bryan FerryLove Is The Drug (Roxy Music) (OST "Der Große Gatsby" 2013)1975
Bryan FerryLover (Roxy Music) (OST "Miami Vice")1980
Bryan FerryMore Than This (Roxy Music) (OST "Eine Nacht in New York" 1999)1982
Bryan FerryOh Yeah! (On The Radio) (Roxy Music)1980
Bryan FerryOver You (Roxy Music)1980
Bryan FerryPyjamarama (Roxy Music)1973
Bryan FerrySame Old Scene (Roxy Music)1980
Bryan FerrySlave To Love (OST "9 ½ Wochen" 1986)1985
Bryan FerrySlave To Love (Special 12" Mix)1985
Bryan FerryStreet Life (Roxy Music)1973
Bryan FerryThe 'In' Crowd1974
Bryan FerryThe Price Of Love1976
Bryan FerryThe Right Stuff1987
Bryan FerryTokyo Joe1977
Bryan FerryTrash (Roxy Music)2004
Bryan FerryVirginia Plain (Roxy Music)1972
Bryan FerryWill You Love Me Tomorrow1993
Bryan FerryWindswept1985
Bryan FerryYour Painted Smile1994
Bucks FizzHeart Of Stone1988
Bucks FizzLand Of Make Believe1981
Bucks FizzLondon Town1983
Bucks FizzMaking Your Mind Up1981
Bucks FizzPiece Of The Action1981
Bucks FizzRules Of The Game1983
Bucks FizzRun For Your Life1983
Bucks FizzTalking In Your Sleep1984
Bucks FizzThief In The Night1984
Buggles, TheI Am A Camera (12" Mix)1981
Buggles, TheThe Plastic Age1980
Buggles, TheVideo Killed The Radio Star (Single Version)1979
C.C. CatchHeartbreak Hotel1986
C.C. CatchI Can Lose My Heart Tonight1986
Cactus World NewsState Of Emergency (OST "Miami Vice")1986
Camouflage74 Minutes2003
CamouflageA Picture Of Life1989
CamouflageBad News1995
CamouflageBitter Sweet1991
CamouflageBitter Taste2006
CamouflageBondage People1993
CamouflageCamou Says Abdulu (Edit)2007
CamouflageClose (We Stroke The Flames)1993
CamouflageComputerliebe (Live 1989 in Theaterfabrik München)1989
CamouflageCount On Me (feat. Peter Heppner)2015
CamouflageCount On Me (feat. Peter Heppner) (Single Version)2015
CamouflageCrime (Ray & Ito Version)1993
CamouflageEnd Of Words2015
CamouflageEvery Now And Then1988
CamouflageFeeling Down1989
CamouflageFrom Ay To Bee1988
CamouflageHandsome (Mosaic Mix)1991
CamouflageHeaven (I Want You)1991
CamouflageHeaven (I Want You) (7" Version)1991
CamouflageHelpless Helpless (Edit)1988
CamouflageHere She Comes2003
CamouflageHow Do You Feel ?2006
CamouflageI Can´t Feel You (Mesh Remix)2003
CamouflageI Can't Feel You (Mellow Trax Full Vocal Short Remix)2003
CamouflageI Can't Feel You (Radio Edit)2003
CamouflageI Once Had A Dream1988
CamouflageI'll Find2015
CamouflageI'll Follow Behind2003
CamouflageIn Cold Blood1993
CamouflageIn The Cloud2015
CamouflageIn Your Ivory Tower1993
CamouflageKling Klang1985
CamouflageKling Klang vs. Blasphemous Rumours (Mash Up)1985
CamouflageLast Contact2006
CamouflageLeave Your Room Behind2015
CamouflageLes Rues1989
CamouflageLove Is A Shield1989
CamouflageLove Is A Shield (Extended Version)1989
CamouflageLove Is A Shield (Lexy & K-Paul Remix 2007)1989
CamouflageLove Is A Shield (William Orbit Dub Mix)1989
CamouflageMe And You2003
CamouflageMe And You (F.E.O.S And Sniper Downbeat Mix)2003
CamouflageMe And You (Kaycee's Downbeat Mix)2003
CamouflageMe And You (Radio Version)2003
CamouflageMe And You (Warp Acht Mix)2003
CamouflageMotif Sky2006
CamouflageMr. X (Demo Version)1985
CamouflageMusic For Ballerinas1988
CamouflageNeighbours (Extended Version)1988
CamouflageNeighbours (Single Version)1988
CamouflageOn Islands1989
CamouflageOne Fine Day1989
CamouflageOne Fine Day (Daylight-Mix)1989
CamouflagePassing By2006
CamouflagePedestrian's Adventure1993
CamouflagePerfect (Huntemann & Bodzin Mix)2003
CamouflagePerfect Sensor2003
CamouflageReal Thing2006
CamouflageSeize Your Day1991
CamouflageShine (Car Crash Set Remix)2015
CamouflageShine (Klaak Remix)2015
CamouflageSomething Wrong2006
CamouflageSooner Than We Think1989
CamouflageStrangers Thoughts1988
CamouflageStrangers Thoughts (Longer)1988
CamouflageStrangers Thoughts (Single Version)1988
CamouflageSuspicious Love1993
CamouflageSuspicious Love (Live 1995 Stuttgart at Bear Music Days)1993
CamouflageSuspicious Love (Radio Version)1993
CamouflageTelephone Sensor2003
CamouflageThat Smiling Face1988
CamouflageThat Smiling Face (German Band Version)1988
CamouflageThe Great Commandment1987
CamouflageThe Great Commandment (Acid Commandment) (2018 Edit)1988
CamouflageThe Great Commandment (Extended Dance Mix)1987
CamouflageThe Great Commandment (Justin Strauss Remix)1988
CamouflageThe Great Commandment (Original US 12'' Mix)1987
CamouflageThe Great Commandment 2.0 (Johannes Heil Remix 2001)1987
CamouflageThe Great Commandment 2.0 (Very. Mix 2001)1987
CamouflageThe Perfect Key2006
CamouflageThe Pleasure Remains2006
CamouflageThe Pleasure Remains (Camouflage vs. Wet Fingers-Club Version)2006
CamouflageThe Story Of The Falling Fighters (7" Version)1989
CamouflageThe Story Of The Falling Fighters (Extended Version)1989
CamouflageThese Eyes1991
CamouflageThey Catch Secrets1988
CamouflageThey Catch Secrets (They Catch More Secrets)1988
CamouflageThief (Opal Mix)1999
CamouflageThief (Single Mix)1999
CamouflageThis Day1991
CamouflageTime Is Over1993
CamouflageWe Are Lovers2006
CamouflageWe Are Lovers (Distain! Remix)2006
CamouflageWe Are Lovers (Dominatrix Remix)2006
CamouflageWe Are Lovers (The Promise Remix)2006
CamouflageWhat For1991
CamouflageWhere Has The Childhood Gone1988
CamouflageWhere The Happy Live1991
CamouflageWho The Hell Is David Butler?1991
CamouflageWinner Takes Nothing1988
CamouflageYou Turn2003
CamouflageYour Skinnhead Is The Dream1989
Captain SensibleWot (12" Version)1982
Captain SensibleWot (7" Version)1982
Carol HitchcockGet Ready (The Extraterrestrial Bass Mix)2013
Cars, TheDrive1984
Cars, TheGood Times Roll1978
Cars, TheHeartbeat City1984
Cars, TheHello Again (Remix Version)1984
Cars, TheI'm Not The One1985
Cars, TheJust What I Needed1978
Cars, TheLet's Go1979
Cars, TheMagic1984
Cars, TheMoving In Stereo1978
Cars, TheMy Best Friend's Girl1978
Cars, TheShake It Up1981
Cars, TheSince You're Gone1981
Cars, TheTonight She Comes1985
Cars, TheTouch And Go1980
Cars, TheYou Might Think1984
Catch, The25 Years1983
Catch, The25 Years (Special Disco Version)1983
Catch, TheA Man's Gotta Do (What A Man's Gotta Do) (12" Mix)1992
Catch, TheA Man's Gotta Do (What A Man's Gotta Do) (Radio Mix)1992
Catch, TheAcross The Great Divide1985
Catch, TheAgainst The Grain1992
Catch, TheBalance On Wires1984
Catch, TheFind The Love1985
Catch, TheFind The Love (Extended Version)1985
Catch, TheOn The Road Again1984
Catch, TheOn The Road Again (12" Mix)1984
Catch, TheSoul Information1986
Catch, TheSoul Information (Remix)1986
Catch, TheStyle1991
Catch, TheThe Difference (Remix)1986
Catch, TheThe End Of The Day1984
Catch, TheThe Power To Change1986
Catch, TheUnder The Skin1984
Catch, TheUnder The Skin (12" Mix)1984
Catch, TheUnderstood1984
Catch, TheVoices1983
ChampaignHow 'Bout Us1981
Channel 5 (2)Isn't It You1985
CherA World Without Heroes1991
CherAfter All (feat. Peter Cetera) (OST Love Theme From "Chances Are")1989
CherAll Because Of You1989
CherAll I Really Want To Do1965
CherAll Or Nothing1998
CherCome And Stay With Me1965
CherCould've Been You1991
CherDoes Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?1989
CherDov'e L'amore1998
CherDov'e L'Amore (Emilio Estefan Jnr. Mix)1998
CherEmotional Fire1989
CherFires Of Eden1991
CherGypsies, Tramps And Thieves1974
CherHeart Of Stone1989
CherHell On Wheels1965
CherI Found Someone1987
CherI Go To Sleep1965
CherI Got You Babe (Sonny & Cher) 1965
CherI'll Never Stop Loving You1991
CherIf I Could Turn Back Time1989
CherJust Like Jesse James1989
CherKiss To Kiss1989
CherLove And Understanding1991
CherLove Can Build A Bridge (feat. Chrissie Hynde & Neneh Cherry & Eric Clapton)1995
CherLove Hurts1991
CherLove Is The Groove1998
CherLove On A Rooftop1989
CherMirror Image1965
CherOne By One1996
CherOne Small Step1991
CherSave Up All Your Tears1991
CherStarting Over1989
CherStill In Love With You1989
CherStrong Enough1999
CherTake Me Home (Single Version)1979
CherTakin' Back My Heart1998
CherTaxi Taxi1998
CherThe Beat Goes On (Sonny & Cher)1967
CherThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)1990
CherWalking In Memphis1995
CherWe All Sleep Alone1998
CherWelcome To Burlesque (OST "Burlesque")2010
CherWhen Love Calls Your Name1991
CherWhen Lovers Become Strangers1991
CherWhere Do You Go1965
CherWho You Gonna Believe1991
CherYou Wouldn't Know Love1989
China CrisisBlack Man Ray1985
China CrisisWishful Thinking1983
Classix NouveauxIs It A Dream1982
Climie FisherLove Changes (Everything)1987
Climie FisherLove Changes (Everything) (Love Mix)1987
Climie FisherRise To The Occasion1987
Cock RobinA Little Innocence1985
Cock RobinAcross The Way2006
Cock RobinAfter Here Through Midland1987
Cock RobinAnother Story1987
Cock RobinBecause It Keeps On Working (Edit)1985
Cock RobinBlood Of A Saint (European Edit)1987
Cock RobinBody Over Mind2006
Cock RobinCoward's Courage1987
Cock RobinEl Norte1987
Cock RobinFair Enough2006
Cock RobinFor Dear Life1987
Cock RobinFor Experience Sake1989
Cock RobinGrand (Radio Edit)2011
Cock RobinHunting Down A Killer1989
Cock RobinI'll Send Them Your Way1987
Cock RobinIt's Only Make Believe1989
Cock RobinJust Around The Corner1986
Cock RobinJust Around The Corner (Special Version)1986
Cock RobinOpen Book (Single Version)1987
Cock RobinStraighter Line1989
Cock RobinThe Biggest Fool Of All1987
Cock RobinThe Biggest Fool Of All (Dance Mix) (Edit)1987
Cock RobinThe Part That I Miss1989
Cock RobinThe Promise You Made1985
Cock RobinThe Promise You Made (Extended Version)1985
Cock RobinThought You Were On My Side1985
Cock RobinThought You Were On My Side (Extended Remix)1985
Cock RobinWe've Changed (Edit)1989
Cock RobinWhen Your Heart Is Weak1985
Cock RobinWhen Your Heart Is Weak (Dance Mix)1985
Cock RobinWin Or Lose1989
Cock RobinWorlds Apart1989
CommunardsDon't Leave Me This Way1986
CommunardsNever Can Say Goodbye1987
CommunardsNever Can Say Goodbye (Shep Pettibone Extended Remix)1987
CommunardsSo Cold The Night1986
CommunardsYou Are My World1986
CommunardsYou Are My World (12" Remix)1986
Cook Da BooksYour Eyes (OST "La Boum 2")1982
Corey HartIn Your Soul1988
Corey HartNever Surrender1985
Corey HartSunglasses At Night (Extended Version)1983
Cretu & ThiersWhen Love Is The Missing Word (Extended Version)1987
Crowded HouseBetter Be Home Soon1996
Crowded HouseDistant Sun1996
Crowded HouseDon't Dream It's Over1986
Crowded HouseEverything Is Good For You1996
Crowded HouseFall At Your Feet1996
Crowded HouseFour Seasons In One Day1996
Crowded HouseI Feel Possessed1996
Crowded HouseInstinct1996
Crowded HouseInto Temptation1996
Crowded HouseIt's Only Natural1996
Crowded HouseLocked Out1996
Crowded HouseMean To Me1996
Crowded HouseNot The Girl You Think You Are1996
Crowded HousePineapple Head1994
Crowded HousePrivate Universe1996
Crowded HouseSomething So Strong1996
Crowded HouseWeather With You1992
Crowded HouseWhen You Come1996
Crowded HouseWorld Where You Live1996
Culture ClubBlack Money1983
Culture ClubChanging Every Day1983
Culture ClubChurch Of The Poison Mind1983
Culture ClubChurch Of The Poison Mind (Live New York 1998)1983
Culture ClubDo You Really Want To Hurt Me1982
Culture ClubDo You Really Want To Hurt Me (Live New York 1998)1982
Culture ClubEverything I Own (Boy George)1987
Culture ClubI Just Wanna Be Loved1998
Culture ClubI'll Tumble 4 Ya1983
Culture ClubI'll Tumble 4 Ya (US 12" Remix)1983
Culture ClubI'm Afraid Of Me (Remix)1982
Culture ClubIt's A Miracle1984
Culture ClubIt's A Miracle \\ Miss Me Blind (US 12'' Mix)1984
Culture ClubKarma Chameleon1983
Culture ClubKarma Chameleon (Live New York 1998)1983
Culture ClubLove Is Love1985
Culture ClubMiss Me Blind1984
Culture ClubMistake No. 31984
Culture ClubMove Away1986
Culture ClubStrange Voodoo (Live New York 1998)1998
Culture ClubThe Crying Game (Boy George)1992
Culture ClubThe Crying Game (Live New York 1998)1992
Culture ClubThe Medal Song1984
Culture ClubThe War Song1984
Culture ClubTime (Clock Of The Heart)1982
Culture ClubVictims1983
Culture ClubVictims (Live New York 1998)1983
Culture ClubWhite Boy (Dance Mix)1982
CurareVisions And Dreams1985
Curiosity Killed The CatDown To Earth1986
Curiosity Killed The CatDown To Earth (Extended Mix)1986
Curiosity Killed The CatName And Number1989
Cyndi Lauper9111986
Cyndi LauperAll Through The Night1984
Cyndi LauperCalm Inside The Storm1986
Cyndi LauperChange Of Heart1986
Cyndi LauperChange Of Heart (12" Extended Club Remix)1986
Cyndi LauperDetour (feat. Emmylou Harris)2016
Cyndi LauperDon't Cry No More2010
Cyndi LauperFunnel Of Love2016
Cyndi LauperGirls Just Want To Have Fun1983
Cyndi LauperGirls Just Want To Have Fun (12'' Version)1983
Cyndi LauperHard Candy Christmas (feat. Alison Krauss)2016
Cyndi LauperHat Full Of Stars1993
Cyndi LauperHeartaches By The Number2016
Cyndi LauperHey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun)1994
Cyndi LauperI Don't Want To Be Your Friend1989
Cyndi LauperI Drove All Night1989
Cyndi LauperI Fall To Pieces2016
Cyndi LauperI'll Kiss You1983
Cyndi LauperIko Iko1986
Cyndi LauperIn The Bleak Midwinter1998
Cyndi LauperMaybe He'll Know1986
Cyndi LauperMisty Blue2016
Cyndi LauperNight Life (feat. Willie Nelson)2016
Cyndi LauperOne Track Mind1986
Cyndi LauperProduct Of Misery1993
Cyndi LauperRollin' And Tumblin' (feat. Ann Peebles)2010
Cyndi LauperSally's Pigeons1993
Cyndi LauperShattered Dreams (feat. Allen Toussaint)2010
Cyndi LauperShe Bop1984
Cyndi LauperShe Bop (Special Dance Mix)1984
Cyndi LauperThe End Of The World2016
Cyndi LauperThe Goonies 'R' Good Enough1985
Cyndi LauperThe World Is Stone1992
Cyndi LauperTime After Time1983
Cyndi LauperTrue Colors1986
Cyndi LauperWalkin' After Midnight2016
Cyndi LauperWhen You Were Mine1983
Cyndi LauperWho Let In The Rain1993
Cyndi LauperYeah Yeah1983
Cyndi LauperYou're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly (feat. Vince Gill)2016
DalbelloAnimal (Live At Rockpalast Zeche, Bochum, Germany 1st October, 1985) (Remastered)1985
DalbelloBaby Doll1985
DalbelloBaby Doll (Live At Rockpalast Zeche, Bochum, Germany 1st October, 1985) (Remastered)1985
DalbelloBlack On Black1987
DalbelloCardinal Sin1984
DalbelloDanger Danger1987
DalbelloDevious Nature1984
DalbelloGuilty By Association1984
DalbelloGuilty By Association (Live At Rockpalast Zeche, Bochum, Germany 1st October, 1985) (Remastered)1985
DalbelloImmaculate Eyes1987
DalbelloIntimate Secrets1987
DalbelloShe Pretends1984
DalbelloTarget (My Eyes Are Aimed At You)1984
DalbelloWait For An Answer1984
Dave Stewart & Barbara GaskinIt's My Party1981
Deacon BlueReal Gone Kid1988
Deacon BlueReal Gone Kid (Extended Version)1988
Dead Or AliveCome Home (With Me Baby)1989
Dead Or AliveHooked On Love1987
Dead Or AliveI'll Save You All My Kisses1987
Dead Or AliveIn Too Deep1985
Dead Or AliveLover Come Back To Me1985
Dead Or AliveMisty Circles1984
Dead Or AliveMy Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor)1985
Dead Or AliveSex Drive1997
Dead Or AliveThat's The Way (I Like It)1984
Dead Or AliveWhat I Want1983
Dead Or AliveYou Spin Me Around (Like A Record)1984
Dead Or AliveYou Spin Me Around (Like A Record) (Performance Mix)1984
Dead Or AliveYou Spin Me Around (Like A Record) (Razormaid Mix)1984
Debbie GibsonElectric Youth1989
Deborah HarryFrench Kissin' In The USA (Dance Mix)1986
Deborah HarryFrench Kissin' In The USA (Edit)1986
Deborah HarryIn Love With Love (Extended Version)1987
Deborah HarryJump Jump1981
Deborah SassonDanger In Her Eyes (88-Dance-Mix)1988
DeFilm747 (2011)1985
DeFilmBitter Surprise1985
DeFilmCuba Libre1985
DeFilmFrigid & Freud1987
DeFilmHere We Are1985
DeFilmHere We Are (2011)1985
DeFilmI Saw Your Dream1985
DeFilmI Saw Your Dream (Extended Mix)1985
DeFilmI See Light1987
DeFilmIs It True1987
DeFilmLove Is Over1985
DeFilmMake Believe1987
DeFilmNothing Comes Easy1987
DeFilmThe House1987
DeFilmTurkish Delight1985
DeFilmWhale Song1987
DeFilmYellow In My Head1985
DeFilmYour Man Is At War1987
Device (2)Hanging On A Heart Attack (Dance Mix)1986
Dieter MeierNight Porter2014
DivineShoot Your Shot1982
DivineYou Think You're A Man1984
Do PianoAgain (German Remix)2013
Doctor's CatFeel The Drive (Vocal Version)1983
Don JohnsonHeartbeat1986
Don JohnsonTell It Like It Is1989
DoubleThe Captain Of Her Heart1985
Dream Academy, TheGirl In A Million (For Edie Sedgwick)1985