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Hallo liebe Musikfreunde,

ich habe auf dieser Seite über 50.000 Songtitel in 42 Genre-Gruppen aufgelistet. Hinter jedem Titel befinden sich 3 Buttons mit denen Ihr folgendes machen könnt Diese Listen werden von mir nach und nach noch ausgebaut. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit den neuen Funktionen.

Liebe Grüße

Ergebnisliste für
3 Doors DownAway From The Sun2002
3 Doors DownBe Like That1999
3 Doors DownBe Somebody2005
3 Doors DownBetter Life1999
3 Doors DownBy My Side1999
3 Doors DownDuck And Run1999
3 Doors DownFather & Son2005
3 Doors DownGoing Down In Flames2002
3 Doors DownHere Without You2002
3 Doors DownI Feel You2002
3 Doors DownIt's Not Me2005
3 Doors DownKryptonite1999
3 Doors DownLanding In London (International Edit) (feat. Bob Seger)2005
3 Doors DownLet Me Go2005
3 Doors DownLoser1999
3 Doors DownMy World2005
3 Doors DownNot Enough1999
3 Doors DownRight Where I Belong2005
3 Doors DownRunning Out Of Days2002
3 Doors DownThe Road I'm On2002
3 Doors DownWhen I`m Gone2002
30 Seconds To Mars93 Million Miles2002
30 Seconds To MarsA Beautiful Lie2007
30 Seconds To MarsAttack2007
30 Seconds To MarsBattle Of One2007
30 Seconds To MarsBright Lights2013
30 Seconds To MarsCloser To The Edge2010
30 Seconds To MarsConquistador2013
30 Seconds To MarsDo Or Die2013
30 Seconds To MarsEchelon2002
30 Seconds To MarsEdge Of The Earth2002
30 Seconds To MarsEnd Of All Days2013
30 Seconds To MarsFallen2002
30 Seconds To MarsFrom Yesterday2007
30 Seconds To MarsHunter2007
30 Seconds To MarsHurricane2010
30 Seconds To MarsKings And Queens2010
30 Seconds To MarsNight Of The Hunter2010
30 Seconds To MarsNight Of The Hunter (Flood Remix)2009
30 Seconds To MarsNorthern Lights2013
30 Seconds To MarsSearch And Destroy2010
30 Seconds To MarsThe Kill2007
30 Seconds To MarsThe Mission2002
30 Seconds To MarsThe Race2013
30 Seconds To MarsThe Story2007
30 Seconds To MarsThis Is War2010
30 Seconds To MarsUp In The Air2013
30 Seconds To MarsVox Populi2010
30 Seconds To MarsWas It A Dream?2007
30 Seconds To MarsYear Zero2002
AA (Radio Version)1999
ADown On The Floor1999
AFor Starters1999
AGetting Around1999
AI Love Lake Tahoe1999
AIf It Ain't Broke,Fix It Anyway1999
AMiles Away1999
AMonkey Kong1999
AOld Folks1999
ASummer On The Underground1999
A Perfect Circle3 Libras2000
A Perfect CircleFreedom Of Choice2004
A Perfect CircleGravity2003
A Perfect CircleJudith2000
A Perfect CircleLullaby2003
A Perfect CirclePassive2004
A Perfect CirclePeace Love And Understanding2004
A Perfect CirclePeople Are People2004
A Perfect CirclePet2003
A Perfect CircleThe Noose2003
A Perfect CircleThe Outsider2003
A Perfect CircleThe Package2003
A Perfect CircleWeak And Powerless2003
A Perfect CircleWhat's Going On2004
A.M.P.Strip (DDR Nationalhymne 2010) (OST "Friendship")2010
Add N To (X)Invasion Of The Polaroid People2002
Add N To (X)Large Number2002
Add N To (X)Lick A Battery (Tongues Across The Terminals)2002
Add N To (X)Pink Light2002
Add N To (X)Quantum Leap2002
Add N To (X)Sheez Mine2002
Add N To (X)Total All Out Water2002
Add N To (X)Up The Punks2002
Afghan Whigs, TheAlgiers2014
Afghan Whigs, TheStep Into The Light1996
Alanis Morissette21 Things I Want In A Lover2002
Alanis MorissetteAll I Really Want1995
Alanis MorissetteBaba1998
Alanis MorissetteCan't Not1998
Alanis MorissetteFlinch2002
Alanis MorissetteForgiven1995
Alanis MorissetteFront Row1998
Alanis MorissetteHand In My Pocket1995
Alanis MorissetteHands Clean2002
Alanis MorissetteHead Over Feet1995
Alanis MorissetteHeart Of The House1998
Alanis MorissetteIronic1995
Alanis MorissetteJoining You1998
Alanis MorissetteMary Jane1995
Alanis MorissetteNarcissus2002
Alanis MorissetteOne1998
Alanis MorissettePerfect1995
Alanis MorissettePrecious Illusions2002
Alanis MorissetteSo Pure1998
Alanis MorissetteSo Unsexy2002
Alanis MorissetteSurrendering2002
Alanis MorissetteThank U1998
Alanis MorissetteThat I Would Be Good1998
Alanis MorissetteThat Particular Time2002
Alanis MorissetteThe Couch1998
Alanis MorissetteUnsent1998
Alanis MorissetteWake Up1995
Alanis MorissetteYou Learn1995
Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know1995
Alice In ChainsAgain1995
Alice In ChainsAngry Chair1992
Alice In ChainsChoke2013
Alice In ChainsDam That River1992
Alice In ChainsDown In A Hole1993
Alice In ChainsGod Smack1992
Alice In ChainsGrind1995
Alice In ChainsHeaven Beside You1995
Alice In ChainsHollow2013
Alice In ChainsI Stay Away1994
Alice In ChainsLow Ceiling2013
Alice In ChainsMan In The Box1990
Alice In ChainsNo Excuses1994
Alice In ChainsNutshell1993
Alice In ChainsRain When I Die1992
Alice In ChainsRooster1992
Alice In ChainsThem Bones1993
Alice In ChainsVoices2013
Alice In ChainsWould?1992
All Time LowBail Me Out (feat. Joel Madden)2015
All Time LowBottle And A Beat2015
All Time LowCinderblock Garden2015
All Time LowCinderblock Garden (Acoustic)2015
All Time LowDancing With A Wolf2015
All Time LowDon't You Go2015
All Time LowFor Baltimore2012
All Time LowIf These Sheets Were States2012
All Time LowKicking & Screaming2015
All Time LowKids In The Dark2015
All Time LowMissing You2015
All Time LowOld Scars/ Future Hearts2015
All Time LowOutlines2012
All Time LowPaint You Wings2012
All Time LowRunaways2015
All Time LowSatellite2015
All Time LowSo Long Soldier2012
All Time LowSo Long, And Thanks For All The Booze2012
All Time LowSomething's Gotta Give2015
All Time LowSomewhere In Neverland2012
All Time LowThanks To You2012
All Time LowThe Irony Of Choking On A Lifesaver2012
All Time LowThe Reckless And The Brave2012
All Time LowTidal Waves (feat. Mark Hoppus)2015
All Time LowTo Live And Let Go2012
All Time LowYour Bed2015
All-American Rejects, TheAnother Heart Calls2008
All-American Rejects, TheBack To Me2008
All-American Rejects, TheBelieve2008
All-American Rejects, TheBreakin'2008
All-American Rejects, TheDamn Girl2008
All-American Rejects, TheFallin' Apart2008
All-American Rejects, TheGives You Hell2008
All-American Rejects, TheI Wanna2008
All-American Rejects, TheMona Lisa2008
All-American Rejects, TheReal World2008
Aphex TwinCome To Daddy (Pappy Mix)1997
Aphex TwinVentolin (Video Version)1995
Apollo Four FortyAin't Talkin' 'Bout Dub1997
Apollo Four FortyHeart Go Boom1999
Apollo Four FortyI Feel You1998
Apollo Four FortyKrupa1996
Apollo Four FortyRaw Power1997
Apollo Four FortyStop The Rock1999
Babylon ZooSpaceman1996
Babylon ZooSpaceman (The 5th Dimension)1996
Bad Religion21st Century (Digital Boy)1994
Bad ReligionBroken2002
Bad ReligionLeave Mine To Me1994
Bad ReligionPunk Rock Song1996
Bad ReligionSanity1989
Bad ReligionYou2005
BananafishbonesCome To Sin1998
Bates, TheBe My Baby1998
Bates, TheBillie Jean1995
Bates, TheBitter End1999
Bates, TheIndependent Love Song1997
Bates, TheIt's Getting Dark1996
Bates, ThePoor Boy1996
Bates, TheWhen Will I See You Again1996
Beastie Boys(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)1986
Beastie BoysBody Movin' (Fatboy Slim Remix)2005
Beastie BoysBrass Monkey2005
Beastie BoysHey Ladies2005
Beastie BoysIntergalactic2005
Beastie BoysNo Sleep Till Brooklyn2005
Beastie BoysSabotage2005
Beastie BoysSo What'cha Want2005
Beastie BoysSure Shot2005
BeatsteaksAbove Us2002
BeatsteaksAin't Complaining2004
BeatsteaksAtomic Love2004
BeatsteaksGod Knows2002
BeatsteaksHand In Hand2004
BeatsteaksHello Joe2004
BeatsteaksJane Became Insane2007
BeatsteaksLet Me In2002
BeatsteaksMilk & Honey2011
BeatsteaksSoothe Me2002
BeatsteaksTo Be Strong2002
BeckDevil's Haircut1996
Bell, Book & CandleRescue Me1997
Billy TalentCovered In Cowardice2006
Billy TalentCut The Curtains2003
Billy TalentDevil In A Midnight Mass2006
Billy TalentDevil On My Shoulder2009
Billy TalentFallen Leaves2006
Billy TalentIn The Fall2006
Billy TalentLine & Sinker2003
Billy TalentLiving In The Shadows2003
Billy TalentPerfect World2006
Billy TalentPrisoners Of Today2003
Billy TalentRed Flag2006
Billy TalentRusted From The Rain2009
Billy TalentSurrender2006
Billy TalentSympathy2006
Billy TalentTears Into Wine2009
Billy TalentThe Ex2003
Billy TalentThis Is How It Goes2003
Billy TalentThis Suffering2006
Billy TalentTry Honesty2003
Billy TalentTurn Your Back2009
Billy TalentWhere Is The Line?2006
Blind MelonChange1992
Blind MelonNo Rain1992
Blind MelonPaper Scratcher1992
Blind MelonSeed To A Tree1992
Blind MelonSoak The Sin1992
Blink-182Adam's Song (Radio Edit)2000
Blink-182All The Small Things2000
Blink-182Anthem, Part Two2001
Blink-182Easy Target2003
Blink-182Everytime I Look For You2001
Blink-182First Date2001
Blink-182Give Me One Good Reason2001
Blink-182Man Over Board2000
Blink-182Please Take Me Home2001
Blink-182Reckless Abandon2001
Blink-182Roller Coaster2001
Blink-182Shut Up2001
Blink-182Stay Together For The Kids2001
Blink-182Story Of A Lonely Guy2001
Blink-182The Rock Show (Radio Edit)2001
Blink-182What's My Age Again?1999
Bloodhound GangAlong Comes Mary1999
Bloodhound GangFire Water Burn1996
Bloodhound GangFoxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo2005
Bloodhound GangGoing Nowhere Slow1996
Bloodhound GangI Hope You Die1999
Bloodhound GangI Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks1996
Bloodhound GangI Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks (Punk Rock Version)1999
Bloodhound GangKiss Me Where It Smells Funny1996
Bloodhound GangTake The Long Way Home1999
Bloodhound GangThe Bad Touch1999
Bloodhound GangThe Ballad Of Chasey Lain2000
Bloodhound GangUhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss (Album Version Explicit)2005
Bloodhound GangYummy Down On This1999
BlurCharmless Man1996
BlurCoffee And TV (OST "Eiskalte Engel")1999
BlurCountry House1995
BlurFade Away1995
BlurGirls And Boys1994
BlurGirls And Boys (feat. Pet Shop Boys Radio Edit)1994
BlurIt Could Be You1995
BlurMr. Robinson's Quango1995
BlurMusic Is My Radar2000
BlurShe's So High1990
BlurSong 21997
BlurThere's No Other Way1991
Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) feat. Josey ScottHero (OST "Spider-Man")2002
CharlatansMy Beautiful Friend1999
CharlatansOne To Another1997
CharlatansThe Only One I Know1990
Chemical Brothers, TheBelieve (Album Mix)2005
Chemical Brothers, TheBelieve (Radio Edit)2005
Chemical Brothers, TheBlock Rockin' Beats1997
Chemical Brothers, TheDig Your Own Hole1997
Chemical Brothers, TheGalvanize2004
Chemical Brothers, TheHey Boy Hey Girl1999
Chemical Brothers, TheIt Began In Afrika (Radio Edit)2001
Chemical Brothers, TheLet Forever Be1999
Chemical Brothers, TheOut Of Control1999
Chemical Brothers, TheRize Up2004
Chemical Brothers, TheThe Boxer (Edit)2005
Counting CrowsA Long December1996
Counting CrowsA Murder Of One1993
Counting CrowsAngels Of The SIlences1996
Counting CrowsAnna Begins1993
Counting CrowsCatapult1996
Counting CrowsChildren In Bloom1996
Counting CrowsColorblind (OST "Eiskalte Engel")1999
Counting CrowsDaylight Fading1996
Counting CrowsGhost Train1993
Counting CrowsGoodnight Elisabeth1996
Counting CrowsHangin' Around1999
Counting CrowsHave You Seen Me Lately?1996
Counting CrowsI'm Not Sleeping1996
Counting CrowsMercury1996
Counting CrowsMr. Jones1993
Counting CrowsOmaha1993
Counting CrowsRain King1993
Counting CrowsRound Here1993
Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane (OST "Natural Born Killers" 1994)1989
Cranberries, TheAnalyse2001
Cranberries, TheAnalyse (Oceanic Radio Edit)2001
Cranberries, TheAnimal Instinct1999
Cranberries, TheAnimal Instinct (Live Stockholm 2002)1999
Cranberries, TheCordell1996
Cranberries, TheDaffodil Lament1994
Cranberries, TheDaffodil Lament (Live Stockholm 2002)1994
Cranberries, TheDisappointment1994
Cranberries, TheDreaming My Dreams1994
Cranberries, TheDreams (OST "E-Mail Fr Dich")1998
Cranberries, TheForever Yellow Skies1996
Cranberries, TheFree To Decide1996
Cranberries, TheHollywood1997
Cranberries, TheHow1993
Cranberries, TheI Can't Be With You1995
Cranberries, TheI Don't Need1994
Cranberries, TheI Just Shot John Lennon1996
Cranberries, TheI Will Always1993
Cranberries, TheI'm Still Remembering1996
Cranberries, TheJoe1996
Cranberries, TheJust My Imagination1999
Cranberries, TheLiar1993
Cranberries, TheLinger1993
Cranberries, TheNew New York2002
Cranberries, TheOde To My Family1994
Cranberries, TheOde To My Family (Live Stockholm 2002)1994
Cranberries, ThePromises1999
Cranberries, TheRidiculous Thoughts1995
Cranberries, TheSalvation1996
Cranberries, TheSo Cold In Ireland1994
Cranberries, TheStars2002
Cranberries, TheStill Can't1993
Cranberries, TheThe Icicle Melts1994
Cranberries, TheThe Rebels1996
Cranberries, TheThis Is The Day2002
Cranberries, TheTime Is Ticking Out2001
Cranberries, TheTime Is Ticking Out (Marius De Vries Remix Edit)2001
Cranberries, TheWaltzing Back1993
Cranberries, TheWanted1993
Cranberries, TheWar Child1996
Cranberries, TheWhen You're Gone1996
Cranberries, TheYeat's Grave1994
Cranberries, TheYou & Me2000
Cranberries, TheZombie1994
Cranberries, TheZombie (Live Stockholm 2002)1994
Crazy TownButterfly1999
Crazy TownToxic1999
CreedAre You Ready?1999
CreedBound & Tied1999
CreedDon't Stop Dancing2002
CreedFreedom Fighter2001
CreedHigher (Radio Edit)1999
CreedMy Own Prison1997
CreedMy Sacrifice2001
CreedOne Last Breath2002
CreedSay I1999
CreedStand Here With Me2001
CreedWhat If2000
CreedWhat's This Life For1998
CreedWith Arms Wide Open1999
CreedYoung Grow Old1999
Daughtry18 Years2013
DaughtryAll These Lives2006
DaughtryBattleships (Acoustic)2013
DaughtryBroken Arrows2013
DaughtryFeels Like Tonight2006
DaughtryHigh Above The Ground2013
DaughtryI'll Fight2013
DaughtryIt's Not Over2006
DaughtryLong Live Rock And Roll2013
DaughtryOver You2006
DaughtryThe World We Knew2013
DaughtryThere And Back Again2006
DaughtryUsed To2006
DaughtryWaiting For Superman2013
DaughtryWhat About Now2006
DaughtryWhat I Want (feat. Slash)2006
DaughtryWild Heart2013
DeichkindAufstand Im Schlaraffenland2006
DeichkindBon Voyage (feat. Nina) (Single Version)2000
DeichkindBck Dich Hoch2012
DeichkindDer Mond2014
DeichkindIch Betube Mich (feat. Sarah Walker)2006
DeichkindIllegale Fans2012
DeichkindRemmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah)2006
Dick Dale & The Del-TonesMisirlou (Pulp Fiction)1994
Die Happy0,7083333332000
Die HappyBig Boy2003
Die HappyFortune2000
Die HappyFrom Above2001
Die HappyGoodbye2002
Die HappyHappy Now2000
Die HappyHigher Ground2000
Die HappyLike A Flower2000
Die HappyNot That Kind Of Girl2002
Die HappyShow Me Heaven2000
Die HappySupersonic Speed2000
Die HappyWasted2000
Donots16 Tons1999
DonotsAt 232000
DonotsDon't You Know2000
DonotsHot Rod2000
DonotsOutshine The World1999
DonotsRock, Paper, Scissors1999
DonotsRoom With A View (Give Me Shelter)2001
DonotsSaccharine Smile2002
DonotsTrue Faith1999
DonotsWe're Not Gonna Take It2002
DonotsWhatever Happened To The 80s2000
DonotsWretched Boy2004
EMFI Believe1991
EMFLong Summer Days1991
EMFUnbelieveable (The Boot Lane Mix)1991
EMFWhen You're Mine1991
EverlastBlack Jesus (Radio Edit)2000
EverlastEnds (Radio Edit) (OST "The 13th Floor")1999
EverlastHot To Death1999
EverlastI Can't Move2000
EverlastWhat It's Like1999
EverlastWhat It's Like (Radio Edit)1999
EverlastWhite Trash Beautiful2004
Faith No MoreA Small Victory1992
Faith No MoreAnne's Song1987
Faith No MoreArabian Disco1985
Faith No MoreAshes To Ashes1997
Faith No MoreDigging The Grave1995
Faith No MoreEasy1993
Faith No MoreEpic1990
Faith No MoreEvidence1995
Faith No MoreFalling To Pieces1990
Faith No MoreFrom Out Of Nowhere1990
Faith No MoreGet Out1995
Faith No MoreI Started A Joke1995
Faith No MoreJust A Man1995
Faith No MoreLast Cup Of Sorrow1997
Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis1992
Faith No MoreRicochet1995
Faith No MoreStripsearch1997
Faith No MoreThe Gentle Art Of Making Enemies1995
Faith No MoreThe Last To Know1995
Faith No MoreThe Perfect Crime2003
Faith No MoreUgly In The Morning1995
Faith No MoreWe Care A Lot (Slash Version 1988)1985
Faith No MoreWhat A Day1995
Fall Out BoyA Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"2005
Fall Out BoyAlpha Dog2009
Fall Out BoyAmerica's Suitehearts2008
Fall Out BoyAmerican Beauty / American Psycho2015
Fall Out BoyBeat It (feat. John Mayer)2008
Fall Out BoyCenturies2015
Fall Out BoyDance, Dance2006
Fall Out BoyDead On Arrival2003
Fall Out BoyFavorite Record2015
Fall Out BoyFourth Of July2015
Fall Out BoyFrom Now On, We Are Enemies2009
Fall Out BoyGrand Theft Autumn/ Where Is Your Boy2003
Fall Out BoyGrowing Up2003
Fall Out BoyI Don't Care2008
Fall Out BoyI'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)2007
Fall Out BoyImmortals2015
Fall Out BoyIrresistible2015
Fall Out BoyJet Pack Blues2015
Fall Out BoyNovocaine2015
Fall Out BoySaturday2003
Fall Out BoySugar, We're Goin Down2005
Fall Out BoyThe Kids Aren't Alright2015
Fall Out BoyThe Take Over, The Breaks Over2007
Fall Out BoyThis Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race2006
Fall Out BoyThnks Fr Th Mmrs2007
Fall Out BoyTwin Skeleton's (Hotel In NYC)2015
Fall Out BoyUma Thurman2015
Fall Out BoyWhat A Catch, Donnie2008
Fall Out BoyYule Shoot Your Eye Out2005
Farm, TheAll Together Now1991
Fatboy SlimGangster Tripping1998
Fatboy SlimPraise You1998
Fatboy SlimRight Here Right Now (Redanka Radio Edit)2006
Fatboy SlimRight Here, Right Now1999
Fatboy SlimRight Here, Right Now (Radio Edit)1999
Fatboy SlimThe Rockafeller Skank1998
FilterHappy Together (OST "The Stepfather")2009
FilterHey Man, Nice Shot1995
FilterSoldiers Of Misfortune2008
FilterTake A Picture1999
FilterThe Best Things (Radio Edit)1999
FilterWelcome To The Fold (OST "The 13th Floor")1999
FlukeAbsurd (OST "Sin City" 2005)1997
Foo FightersA Matter Of Time2011
Foo FightersAll My Life2002
Foo FightersAurora1999
Foo FightersBack & Forth2011
Foo FightersBest Of You2005
Foo FightersBreakout1999
Foo FightersBridge Burning2011
Foo FightersBurn Away2002
Foo FightersCome Back2002
Foo FightersDear Rosemary2011
Foo FightersDisenchanted Lullaby2002
Foo FightersEverlong1997
Foo FightersGenerator1999
Foo FightersGimme Stitches1999
Foo FightersHalo2002
Foo FightersHave A Cigar (feat. Brian May) (OST "Mission Impossible 2")2000
Foo FightersHave It All2002
Foo FightersHeadwires1999
Foo FightersLearn To Fly1999
Foo FightersLive-In Skin1999
Foo FightersLong Road To Ruin2007
Foo FightersLow2002
Foo FightersMiss The Misery2011
Foo FightersMonkey Wrench1997
Foo FightersMy Hero1997
Foo FightersNext Year1999
Foo FightersOverdrive2002
Foo FightersRope2011
Foo FightersSkin And Bones (Live)2006
Foo FightersStacked Actors1999
Foo FightersThe Last Song2005
Foo FightersThe Pretender2007
Foo FightersThis Is A Call1995
Foo FightersTimes Like These2002
Foo FightersWalk2011
Foo FightersWheels2009
Foo FightersWhite Limo2011
Foo FightersWord Forward2009
Franz FerdinandCheating On You2004
Franz FerdinandCome On Home2004
Franz FerdinandDarts Of Pleasure2004
Franz FerdinandDo You Want To2005
Franz FerdinandI'm Your Villain2005
Franz FerdinandMichael2004
Franz FerdinandNew Kind Of Thrill2009
Franz FerdinandNo You Girls2009
Franz FerdinandNo You Girls (Vince Clarke Remix)2009
Franz FerdinandOutsiders2005
Franz FerdinandTake Me Out2004
Franz FerdinandTell Her Tonight2004
Franz FerdinandThe Dark Of The Matine2004
Franz FerdinandThe Fallen2005
Franz FerdinandThis Boy2005
Franz FerdinandThis Fire2004
Franz FerdinandUlysses2009
Franz FerdinandWalk Away2005
Franz FerdinandYou Could Have It So Much Better2005
Franz FerdinandYou're The Reason I'm Leaving2005
Fun Lovin' CriminalsThe Fun Lovin' Criminal (Hee Haw Version)1997
Fun Lovin' CriminalsWe Are All Very Worried About You1998
GarbageAndrogyny (Felix Da Housecat Remix)2001
GarbageAutomatic Systematic Habit2012
GarbageBig Bright World2012
GarbageBleed Like Me2005
GarbageBreaking Up The Girl (Timo Maas Remix)2002
GarbageCherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)2002
GarbageI Think I'm Paranoid1998
GarbageIt's All Over But The Crying (Remix 2007)2005
GarbageMilk (Massive Attack Remix)1995
GarbageMy Lover's Box1995
GarbageNot My Idea1995
GarbageOnly Happy When It Rains1995
GarbagePush It1998
GarbageStupid Girl1996
GarbageTell Me Where It Hurts2007
GarbageTemptation Waits1998
GarbageThe World Is Not Enough (OST "James Bond")1999
GarbageThe World Is Not Enough (U.N.K.L.E Remix)1999
GarbageWhen I Grow Up1999
GarbageWho's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (U2 Cover)2011
GarbageWicked Ways1998
GarbageYou Look So Fine (Edit)1999
Good CharlotteGirls & Boys2002
Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live2004
Good CharlotteLifestyles Of The Rich & Famous2002
Good CharlottePredictable2004
Good CharlotteThe River (feat. M. Shadows And Synyster Gates)2007
Green Day21 Guns (Album Version)2009
Green DayAmerican Idiot2004
Green DayBasket Case1994
Green DayBoulevard Of Broken Dreams2004
Green DayBrain Stew1996
Green DayHoliday2004
Green DayJaded1995
Green DayMaria2001
Green DayMinority2000
Green DaySt. Jimmy2004
Green DayStuck With Me1995
Green DayWarning2000
Green DayWhen I Come Around1995
Guano ApesBig In Japan2000
Guano ApesBreak The Line2004
Guano ApesCrossing The Deadline1997
Guano ApesDdel Up2000
Guano ApesDdel Up (U.S. Mix)2000
Guano ApesDont You Turn Your Back On Me (Frozen Mix)1999
Guano ApesDon't You Turn Your Back On Me (OST "The 13th Floor")1999
Guano ApesI Want It2000
Guano ApesInnocent Greed2000
Guano ApesKumba Yo! (feat. Mittermeier)2001
Guano ApesLiving In A Lie2000
Guano ApesLords Of The Boards1998
Guano ApesMaria1997
Guano ApesMine All Mine2000
Guano ApesNo Speech2000
Guano ApesOpen Your Eyes1997
Guano ApesPretty In Scarlet2003
Guano ApesQuietly2003
Guano ApesRain1998
Guano ApesScratch The Pitch2004
Guano ApesSuzie1997
Guano ApesWash It Down1997
Guano ApesYou Can't Stop Me2003
H-BlockxAll Season Love2002
H-BlockxCMon (feat. B & K von Das Department)2001
H-BlockxCelebrate Youth2004
H-BlockxHow Do You Feel?1996
H-BlockxKiss Me2004
H-BlockxLeave Me Alone2004
H-BlockxLittle Girl1994
H-BlockxOne Day1998
H-BlockxRing Of Fire (vs. Dr. Ring Ding)2002
H-BlockxRisin High1993
H-BlockxThe Power2002
H-BlockxTime Of My Life1999
H-BlockxTrue Faith2004
Happy MondaysKinky Afro1990
Happy MondaysKinky Groove Afro (Paul Oakenfold Remix)1990
Happy MondaysMad Cyril1989
Happy MondaysStep On1990
Heather NovaAvalanche1998
Heather NovaBlood Of Me1998
Heather NovaHeart And Shoulder1998
Heather NovaI'm Alive1998
Heather NovaI'm The Girl1998
Heather NovaLondon Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)1998
Heather NovaMake You Mine1998
Heather NovaNot Only Human1998
Heather NovaPaper Cup1998
Heather NovaRuby Red1998
Heather NovaValley Of Sound1998
Heather NovaWhat A Feeling1998
Heather NovaWidescreen1998
Heather NovaWinter Blue1998
Heroes Del SilencioCulpable1993
Heroes Del SilencioEl Camino Del Exceso1993
Heroes Del SilencioEntre Dos Tierras (Edit)1992
Heroes Del SilencioHechizo1990
Heroes Del SilencioLa Carta1990
Heroes Del SilencioLa Sirena Varada1993
Heroes Del SilencioLos Placeres De La Pobreza1993
Heroes Del SilencioMalas Intenciones1990
Heroes Del SilencioMaldito Duende1990
Heroes Del SilencioSenda1990
Hives, TheA Little More For Little You2004
Hives, TheBigger Hole To Fill2007
Hives, TheHey Little World2007
Hives, TheNo Pun Intended2004
Hives, TheSquare One Here I Come2007
Hives, TheTick Tick Boom2007
Hives, TheTry It Again2007
Hives, TheTwo-Timing Touch And Broken Bones2004
Hives, TheWalk Idiot Walk2004
Hives, TheWon't Be Long2007
HoleDoll Parts1994
HoleGold Dust Woman (OST "The Crow")1996
HoleI Think That I Would Die1994
HoleJennifers Body1994
HoleMiss World1994
HoleRock Star1994
HoleShe Walks On Me1994
HoleSofter. Softest1994
HoobastankThe Reason2004
IncubusA Certain Shade Of Green1997
IncubusBlood On The Ground2001
IncubusHave You Ever2001
IncubusI Miss You1999
IncubusMake Yourself1999
IncubusNice To Know You2001
IncubusNowhere Fast1999
IncubusOut From Under1999
IncubusPardon Me2000
IncubusSouthern Girl2004
IncubusTalk Shows On Mute2004
IncubusWhen It Comes1999
IncubusWish You Were Here2001
Jesus Jones?International Bright Young Thing1990
Jesus JonesInternational Bright Young Thing (Phil Harding 12' Mix)1990
Jesus JonesReal Real Real1990
JetAre You Gonna Be My Girl2003
JetRip It Up2007
JetRollover D.J.2003
JetShine On2006
John Butler TrioBetter Than2007
John Butler TrioBound To Ramble2005
John Butler TrioHello2005
John Butler TrioOldman2005
John Butler TrioZebra (Radio Edit)2003
Kid RockAll Summer Long2007
Kid RockAmen2007
Kid RockAmerican Bad Ass2000
Kid RockDon't Tell Me U Love Me2007
Kid RockFist Of Rage1998
Kid RockI Am The Bullgod (Edit)1998
Kid RockRock N Roll Jesus2007
Kid RockSo Hott2007
Kid RockSugar2007
Kid RockWhen U Love Someone2007
LemonheadsIt's A Shame About Ray1992
LemonheadsMrs. Robinson1992
LemonheadsRockin Stroll1992
Limp BizkitBehind Blue Eyes2003
Limp BizkitBoiler2001
Limp BizkitBreak Stuff2000
Limp BizkitFaith1997
Limp BizkitGold Cobra2011
Limp BizkitHot Dog2000
Limp BizkitIt'll Be Ok2000
Limp BizkitLivin' It Up2000
Limp BizkitMy Generation2000
Limp BizkitMy Way2000
Limp BizkitNookie1999
Limp BizkitPollution1997
Limp BizkitRollin'2000
Limp BizkitStink Finger1997
Limp BizkitTake A Look Around (OST "Mission Impossible 2")2000
Limp BizkitThe One2000
Linkin ParkA Line In The Sand2014
Linkin ParkBlackout2010
Linkin ParkBreaking The Habit2003
Linkin ParkCastle Of Glass2012
Linkin ParkCrawling2000
Linkin ParkEasier To Run2003
Linkin ParkFaint2003
Linkin ParkForgotten2000
Linkin ParkFrom The Inside2003
Linkin ParkGuilty All The Same (feat. Rakim)2014
Linkin ParkHit The Floor2003
Linkin ParkIn The End2000
Linkin ParkLying From You2003
Linkin ParkNumb2003
Linkin ParkNumb/Encore (Explicit Version) (feat. Jay-Z)2004
Linkin ParkOne Step Closer2000
Linkin ParkPapercut2000
Linkin ParkPowerless (OST "Abraham Lincoln")2012
Linkin ParkRunaway2000
Linkin ParkSomewhere I Belong2003
Linkin ParkSystem (OST "Queen Of The Damned" Chester Bennington from Linkin Park)2002
Linkin ParkUntil It's Gone2014
Linkin ParkWhat I've Done (OST "Transformers")2007
Linkin ParkWith You2000
LiquidoI Won't Try1999
LiquidoLove Me, Love Me2005
LiquidoNarcotic (Radio Edit)1998
LiquidoOrdinary Life2005
LiquidoPlay Some Rock2000
LiquidoSwing It1999
LiquidoTicket To Anywhere1999
LiquidoWake Me Up1999
LiveAll Over You1995
LiveDance With You1999
LiveDeep Enough2001
LiveFeel The Quiet River Rage1999
LiveForever May Not Be Long Enough2001
LiveI Alone1994
LiveLakini's Juice1997
LiveLightning Crashes1994
LiveNobody Knows2003
LiveOperation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Tradition)1991
LivePeople Like You2001
LiveRun Away (feat. Shelby Lynne)2003
LiveRun To The Water2000
LiveSelling The Drama1994
LiveSimple Creed2001
LiveSimple Creed (feat. Tricky)2001
LiveThe Beauty Of Gray1991
LiveThe Distance1999
LiveThe Dolphin's Cry1999
LiveThe Ride2001
LiveThey Stood Up For Love (Radio Mix)2000
LiveTurn My Head1997
LiveWe Deal In Dreams2004
LiveWhere Fishes Go1999
Maine, TheAmerican Candy2015
Maine, TheEnglish Girls2015
Maine, TheGirls Do What They Want2008
Maine, TheInto Your Arms2008
Manic Street PreachersA Design For Life1996
Manic Street PreachersBlack Holes For The Young1998
Manic Street PreachersFound That Soul2001
Manic Street PreachersIf You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (Single Edit)1998
Manic Street PreachersOcean Spray2001
Manic Street PreachersThe Everlasting1998
Manic Street PreachersYou Stole The Sun From My Heart1999
Monster Magnet19702000
Monster MagnetBlack Celebration1998
Monster MagnetDoomsday2000
Monster MagnetHeads Explode2000
Monster MagnetLook To Your Orb For The Warning (OST "Matrix" 1999)1995
Monster MagnetNegasonic Teenage Warhead1995
Monster MagnetSpace Lord1998
Monster MagnetYour Lies Become You1998
Mucky PupHippies Hate Water1990
MyballoonAll I Wanna Say2000
MyballoonCome Around2000
MyballoonGoodbye (Radio Edit)2000
MyballoonI Was Made For Lovin' You2000
MyballoonNever Let You Go2000
MyballoonOn My Way2000
MyballoonTrust No One2003
Nations AfireEven The Blackest Heart Still Beats (Single Edit)2013
Nations AfireI Am An Army2012
Nations AfireThe Ghosts We Will Become2012
Neon TreesEverybody Talks2012
Neon TreesHooray For Hollywood2012
Neon TreesI Am The D.J.2012
Neon TreesLessons In Love (All Day, All Night) (feat. Kaskade)2012
Neon TreesMad Love2012
Neon TreesMoving In The Dark2012
Neon TreesStill Young2012
Neon TreesTeenage Sounds2012
Neon TreesTrust2012
Neon TreesWeekend2012
New RadicalsTo Think I Thought1999
New RadicalsYou Get What You Give1999
New Rock ConferenceHeal Yourself2000
NickelbackAnother Hole In The Head2003
NickelbackBecause Of You2003
NickelbackBurn It To The Ground2008
NickelbackDo This Anymore2003
NickelbackFar Away2005
NickelbackFight For All The Wrong Reasons2005
NickelbackFigured You Out2003
NickelbackFlat On The Floor2003
NickelbackFollow You Home2005
NickelbackGotta Be Somebody2008
NickelbackHow You Remind Me2001
NickelbackIf Everyone Cared2005
NickelbackIf Today Was Your Last Day2008
NickelbackJust For2001
NickelbackJust To Get High2008
NickelbackLittle Friend2001
NickelbackNever Again2001
NickelbackNever Gonna Be Alone2008
NickelbackNext Contestant2005
NickelbackNext Go Round2008
NickelbackOld Enough1999
NickelbackPhotograph (Pop Version Edit)2005
NickelbackRock Star2005
NickelbackSaturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)2003
NickelbackSavin' Me2005
NickelbackShakin' Hands2008
NickelbackSide Of A Bullet2005
NickelbackSomeone That You're With2005
NickelbackSomething In Your Mouth2008
NickelbackThis Afternoon2008
NickelbackThrow Yourself Away2003
NickelbackToo Bad2001
NickelbackToo Bad (Diggla Mix)2001
NickelbackYanking Out My Heart2003
NirvanaAbout A Girl1989
NirvanaAbout A Girl (Live MTV in New York 1994) (Edit)1989
NirvanaAll Apologies1993
NirvanaAll Apologies (Live MTV in New York 1994)1993
NirvanaCome As You Are1992
NirvanaCome As You Are (Live MTV in New York 1994)1992
NirvanaDrain You1991
NirvanaDumb (Live MTV in New York 1994)1993
NirvanaEven In His Youth1991
NirvanaHeart-Shaped Box1993
NirvanaIn Bloom1992
NirvanaJesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (Live MTV in New York 1994)1991
NirvanaLake Of Fire (Live MTV in New York 1994)1994
NirvanaOh, Me (Live MTV in New York 1994)1994
NirvanaOn A Plain (Live MTV in New York 1994)1991
NirvanaPennyroyal Tea1994
NirvanaPennyroyal Tea (Live MTV in New York 1994)1994
NirvanaPlateau (Live MTV in New York 1994)1994
NirvanaPolly (Live MTV in New York 1994)1991
NirvanaRape Me1993
NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit1991
NirvanaSomething In The Way1991
NirvanaSomething In The Way (Live MTV in New York 1994)1994
NirvanaStay Away1991
NirvanaThe Man Who Sold The World1994
NirvanaThe Man Who Sold The World (Live MTV in New York 1994)1994
NirvanaWhere Did You Sleep Last Night1994
NirvanaWhere Did You Sleep Last Night (Live MTV in New York 1994)1994
NirvanaYou Know You're Right1993
No DoubtDon't Speak1995
No DoubtEx-Girlfriend2000
No DoubtHappy Now?1995
No DoubtHella Good2001
No DoubtHey Baby2001
No DoubtHey You1995
No DoubtIt's My Life2003
No DoubtJust A Girl1995
No DoubtPlatinum Blonde Life2001
No DoubtRock Steady2001
No DoubtSimple Kind Of Life2000
No DoubtSix Feet Under2000
No DoubtSpiderwebs1995
No DoubtStaring Problem2000
No DoubtStart The Fire2001
No DoubtToo Late2000
No DoubtTragic Kingdom1995
No DoubtUnderneath It All2001
NoFX180 Degrees1997
NoFXAll Outta Angst1997
NoFXBleeding Heart Disease1996
NoFXDinosaurs Will Die2000
NoFXGreen Corn1991
NoFXKill All The White Man1992
NoFXLeave It Alone1995
NoFXPhilthy Phil Philanthropist1996
NoFXSoul Doubt1995
NoFXThe Idiots Are Taking Over2003
NoFXThe Longest Line1992
NoFXThe Separation Of Church & Skate2003
OasisAll Around The World1997
OasisBe Here Now1997
OasisCast No Shadow1995
OasisChampagne Supernova1995
OasisCigarettes & Alcohol1994
OasisD'You Know What I Mean?1997
OasisDon't Go Away1997
OasisDon't Look Back In Anger1995
OasisGo Let It Out2000
OasisHey Now!1995
OasisI Hope, I Think, I Know1997
OasisLive Forever1994
OasisMorning Glory1995
OasisPart Of The Queue2005
OasisRock 'n' Roll Star1994
OasisRockin' Chair1998
OasisRoll With It1995
OasisRound Are Way1995
OasisSlide Away1994
OasisSome Might Say1995
OasisStand By Me1997
OasisStop Crying Your Heart Out (OST "Butterfly Effect" 2004)2002
OasisThe Girl In The Dirty Shirt1997
OasisThe Importance Of Being Idle2005
OasisThe Masterplan (OST "CSI: Miami" 2004)1998
Offspring, TheAmericana1998
Offspring, TheCan't Repeat2005
Offspring, TheCome Out And Play (Keep 'em Separated)1994
Offspring, TheDammit, I Changed Again2000
Offspring, TheDays Go By2012
Offspring, TheOriginal Prankster2000
Offspring, ThePretty Fly (For A White Guy)1998
Offspring, TheSelf Esteem1994
Offspring, TheThe Kids Aren't Alright1998
Offspring, TheWant You Bad2000
Offspring, TheWhat Happened To You?1994
Offspring, TheWhy Don't You Get A Job?1999
Pearl JamAlive1991
Pearl JamAlive (Brendan O'Brien Remix)1991
Pearl JamAnimal1993
Pearl JamBlack1991
Pearl JamBreath (OST "Singles")1992
Pearl JamCorduroy1994
Pearl JamDeep1991
Pearl JamDissident1994
Pearl JamDo The Evolution1998
Pearl JamEven Flow1991
Pearl JamGarden1991
Pearl JamGiven To Fly1998
Pearl JamHabit1996
Pearl JamHail, Hail1996
Pearl JamImmortality1995
Pearl JamIn Hiding1998
Pearl JamIn My Tree1996
Pearl JamJeremy1991
Pearl JamLast Exit1994
Pearl JamLast Kiss1999
Pearl JamLight Years2000
Pearl JamMankind1996
Pearl JamNothingman1994
Pearl JamOceans1991
Pearl JamOnce1991
Pearl JamOnce (Brendan O'Brien Remix)1991
Pearl JamPorch1991
Pearl JamRearviewmirror1993
Pearl JamSpin The Black Circle1994
Pearl JamState Of Love And Trust1991
Pearl JamWash1991
Pearl JamWhipping1994
Pearl JamWho You Are1996
Pearl JamWhy Go1991
Pearl JamYellow Ledbetter1992
PennywiseAnyone Listening2001
PennywiseBro Hymn1991
PennywiseCome Out Fighting1991
PennywiseFuck Authority2001
PennywiseFun And Games1991
PennywiseIt's Up To You2001
PennywiseLand Of The Free?2001
PennywiseLiving For Today1991
PennywiseMy God2001
PennywisePerfect People1995
PennywiseSet Me Free2001
PennywiseSomething Wrong With Me2001
PennywiseStand By Me1992
PennywiseThe World2001
PennywiseTime Marches On2001
PennywiseTwist Of Fate2001
PennywiseWho's On Your Side2001
PennywiseWouldn't It Be Nice1991
PJ HarveyA Perfect Day Elise1998
PJ HarveyDown By The Water1995
PJ HarveyDress1992
PJ HarveyGood Fortune2000
PJ HarveyJoy1998
PJ HarveyLong Snake Moan1995
PJ HarveyOh My Lover1992
PJ HarveySend His Love To Me1995
PJ HarveyThe Dancer1995
PJ HarveyThe River1998
PJ HarveyTo Bring You My Love1995
Pop Will Eat ItselfIch Bin Ein Auslnder (Die Krupps Mix)1999
Pop Will Eat ItselfLet's Get Ugly1996
Pretty Bugs, TheApartment 1112012
Pretty Bugs, TheLucky Man2012
Pretty Bugs, ThePet Sematary2012
PulpBad Cover Version2001
PulpBob Lind (The Only Way Is Down)2001
PulpDisco 20001996
PulpI Love Life2001
PulpThe Night That Minnie Timperley Died2001
PulpThe Trees2001
Queens Of The Stone AgeBurn The Witch (Unkle Variation) (OST "Saw II")2005
Queens Of The Stone AgeDo It Again2002
Queens Of The Stone AgeGo With The Flow2002
Queens Of The Stone AgeGod Is In The Radio2002
Queens Of The Stone AgeLittle Sister2005
Queens Of The Stone AgeNo One Knows2002
Queens Of The Stone AgeThe Blood Is Love2005
Red Hot Chili PeppersAround The World1999
Red Hot Chili PeppersBreaking The Girl1992
Red Hot Chili PeppersBy The Way2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication1999
Red Hot Chili PeppersCan't Stop2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersDon't Forget Me2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersFight Like A Brave1987
Red Hot Chili PeppersFortune Faded2003
Red Hot Chili PeppersGive It Away1991
Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground1989
Red Hot Chili PeppersI Like Dirt1999
Red Hot Chili PeppersMinor Thing2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersMy Friends1995
Red Hot Chili PeppersOn Mercury2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersOtherside1999
Red Hot Chili PeppersParallel Universe1999
Red Hot Chili PeppersScar Tissue1999
Red Hot Chili PeppersShow Me Your Soul (OST "Pretty Woman")1990
Red Hot Chili PeppersSoul To Squeeze1993
Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Zephyr Song2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersThis Is The Place2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersUnder The Bridge1992
Red Hot Chili PeppersUniversally Speaking2002
Red Hot Chili PeppersWarped1995
Scars On BroadwayBabylon2008
Scars On BroadwayChemicals2008
Scars On BroadwayEnemy2008
Scars On BroadwayExploding / Reloading2008
Scars On BroadwayFunny2008
Scars On BroadwayInsane2008
Scars On BroadwayKill Each Other / Live Forever2008
Scars On BroadwaySerious2008
Scars On BroadwayStoner-Hate2008
Scars On BroadwayThey Say2008
Scars On BroadwayWorld Long Gone2008
SilverchairAbuse Me1997
SilverchairAna's Song (Open Fire)1999
SilverchairAnthem For The Year 20001999
SilverchairBlack Tangled Heart1999
SilverchairDearest Helpless1999
SilverchairMiss You Love1999
SilverchairPure Massacre1995
SilverchairSpawn Again1999
SilverchairSteam Will Rise1999
Skunk Anansie100 Ways To Be A Good Girl1995
Skunk AnansieAll I Want1996
Skunk AnansieAnd This Is Nothing That I Thought I Had1999
Skunk AnansieBecause Of You2009
Skunk AnansieBrazen (Weep)1997
Skunk AnansieCharity1996
Skunk AnansieCharlie Big Potato1999
Skunk AnansieHedonism (Just Beacause You Feel Good)1996
Skunk AnansieI Can Dream1995
Skunk AnansieIntellectualise My Blackness1995
Skunk AnansieLately1999
Skunk AnansieLet It Go1996
Skunk AnansieOn My Hotel T.V.1999
Skunk AnansieRise Up1995
Skunk AnansieSearch And Destroy (OST "Sucker Punch")2011
Skunk AnansieSecretly1999
Skunk AnansieSelling Jesus1995
Skunk AnansieSquander2009
Skunk AnansieStrong1996
Skunk AnansieTear The Place Up2009
Skunk AnansieThe Skank Heads1999
Skunk AnansieTwisted1996
Skunk AnansieWe Don't Need Who You Think You Are1999
Skunk AnansieWe Love Your Apathy1996
Skunk AnansieWeak1995
Skunk AnansieYou'll Follow Me Down1999
SoundgardenBeen Away Too Long2012
SoundgardenBlack Hole Sun1994
SoundgardenBlind Dogs (OST "Jim Carroll In Den Straen Von New York")1995
SoundgardenBones Of Birds2012
SoundgardenBy Crooked Steps2012
SoundgardenHoly Water1991
SoundgardenInto The Void (Sealth)1991
SoundgardenJesus Christ Pose1991
SoundgardenLet Me Drown1994
SoundgardenLive To Rise (OST "Marvels The Avengers")2012
SoundgardenOutshined (OST "True Romance" 1993)1992
SoundgardenPretty Noose1996
SoundgardenRusty Cage1991
SpermbirdsIn Many Ways Alike1994
SpermbirdsPop Song1995
SpermbirdsYou're Not Perfect1994
Spin DoctorsJimmy Olsen's Blues1991
Spin DoctorsLittle Miss Can't Be Wrong1991
Spin DoctorsTwo Princes1991
Sportfreunde Stiller'54, '74, '90, 20062006
Sportfreunde Stiller'54, '74, '90, 20102006
Sportfreunde StillerAlles Roger!2007
Sportfreunde StillerEin Kompliment2002
Sportfreunde StillerEinmal Mond Und Zurck2000
Sportfreunde StillerFast Wie Von Selbst (Edit)2000
Sportfreunde StillerHeimatlied2000
Sportfreunde StillerIch Roque2004
Sportfreunde StillerNur 1 Mal2000
Sportfreunde StillerRock'n'Roll Queen (Live MTV Unplugged 2009)2009
Sportfreunde StillerRocket Radio2000
Sportfreunde StillerSiehst Du Das Genau So?2004
Sportfreunde StillerTrashpiloten2000
Sportfreunde StillerWellenreiten '542000
Sportfreunde StillerWunderbaren Jahren2000
StaindFor You2001
StaindIt's Been Awhile2001
StaindOpen Your Eyes2001
StereophonicsHandbags And Gladrags2001
StereophonicsHave A Nice Day2001
StereophonicsI'm Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back)2003
StereophonicsJust Looking1999
StereophonicsMaybe Tomorrow2003
StereophonicsNot Up To You1998
StereophonicsThe Bartender And The Thief1998
StiltskinWhen My Ship Comes In1994
Stone SourDo Me A Favor2013
Stone SourMade Of Scars2007
Stone SourSillyworld2007
Stone SourThrough Glass2006
Stone Temple PilotsBig Empty (OST "The Crow")1994
Stone Temple PilotsCrackerman1992
Stone Temple PilotsDead And Bloated1992
Stone Temple PilotsDown1999
Stone Temple PilotsGlide1999
Stone Temple PilotsHeaven & Hot Rods1999
Stone Temple PilotsInterstate Love Song1994
Stone Temple PilotsLounge Fly1994
Stone Temple PilotsNo Way Out1999
Stone Temple PilotsPiece Of Pie1992
Stone Temple PilotsPlush1993
Stone Temple PilotsSex & Violence1999
Stone Temple PilotsSex Type Thing1992
Stone Temple PilotsSour Girl1999
Stone Temple PilotsVasoline1994
Stone Temple PilotsWicked Garden1992
Stone Temple PilotsYou Can't Drive Me Away (OST "True Blood")2010
Strokes, The0,5354166672003
Strokes, TheMachu Picchu2011
Strokes, TheReptilia2003
Strokes, TheThe End Has No End2003
Strokes, TheUnder Cover Of Darkness2011
SuedeBeautiful Ones1996
SuedeBy The Sea1996
SuedeCan't Get Enough1999
SuedeEverything Will Flow1999
SuedeHead Music1999
SuedeIndian Strings1999
SuedeIt Starts And Ends With You2013
SuedeSavoir Faire1999
SuedeShe's In Fashion1999
SuedeShe's Not Dead1993
SuedeSleeping Pills1993
SuedeSo Young (OST "The World's End" 2013)1993
SuedeThe Chemistry Between Us1996
SuedeThe Drowners1993
SuedeThe Next Life1993
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Birthday1988
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Dark Disco 11989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Dear Plastic1989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Deus1988
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Dream TV1989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Gold1992
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Hetero Scum1992
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Hey1989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Hit1992
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)I'm Hungry1992
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Lucky Night1992
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Mama1988
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Nail1989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Planet1989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Pump1989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Regina1989
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Sick For Toys1988
Sugarcubes, The (Bjrk)Tidal Wave1989
Sum 41Fat Lip2001
Sum 41Still Waiting2002
Sum 41The Hell Song2002
Sum 41We`re All To Blame2004
Tenacious DFriendship2001
Tenacious DFuck Her Gently2001
Tenacious DTribute2001
Tenacious DWonderboy2001
Therapy?A Moment Of Clarity1995
Therapy?Bad Mother1995
Therapy?Church Of Noise1998
Therapy?Die Laughing1994
Therapy?Die Like A Mother Fucker2004
Therapy?Here Be Monsters2004
Therapy?I Am The Money2001
Therapy?Jam Jar Jail1999
Therapy?Little Tongues First1999
Therapy?Lunacy Booth1994
Therapy?Me Vs. You1995
Therapy?Neck Freak1993
Therapy?Opal Mantra1993
Therapy?Rise Up (Make Yourself Well)2004
Therapy?So-Called Life2004
Therapy?Stop It You're Killing Me1994
Therapy?Theme From Delorean2001
Therapy?This One's For You2001
Therapy?Tightrope Walker1998
Therapy?Trigger Inside1994
Tito & TarantulaAfter Dark (OST "From Dusk Till Dawn")1996
Tito & TarantulaAngry Cockroaches1996
Tito & TarantulaAngry Cockroaches (Cucarachas Enojadas) (OST "From Dusk Till Dawn")1996
Tito & TarantulaBack To The House That Love Built (OST "Desperado")1995
Tito & TarantulaSlow Dream1999
Tito & TarantulaStrange Face Of Love (OST "Desperado")1995
Urge OverkillGirl, You'll Be A Woman Soon (OST "Pulp Fiction")1994
WaxMallrats (OST "Mallrats")1995
We Are The In CrowdCome Back Home2014
We Are The In CrowdKiss Me Again (feat. Alex Gaskarth)2011
We Are The In CrowdRumor Mill2011
We Are The In CrowdSic Transit GloriaGlory Fades2013
We Are The In CrowdThe Best Thing (That Never Happened)2014
WeezerBeverly Hills2005
WeezerBuddy Holly1995
WeezerDon't Let Go2001
WeezerHash Pipe2001
WeezerIn The Garage1994
WeezerIsland In The Sun2001
WeezerKeep Fishin'2002
WeezerLove Explosion2002
WeezerMemories (feat. The Cast of Jackass 3D) (OST "Jackass")2010
WeezerO Girlfriend2001
WeezerSay It Ain't So1995
WeezerSurf Wax America1994
WeezerTake Control2002
Wombats, TheBe Your Shadow2015
Wombats, TheCurveballs2015
Wombats, TheEmoticons2015
Wombats, TheFlowerball2015
Wombats, TheGive Me A Try2015
Wombats, TheGreek Tragedy2015
Wombats, TheIsabel2015
Wombats, ThePink Lemonade2015
Wombats, TheSex And Question Marks2015
Wombats, TheThe English Summer2015
Wombats, TheThis Is Not A Party2015
Wombats, TheYour Body Is A Weapon2015
You Me At SixAlways Attract2008
You Me At SixCall That A Comeback2008
You Me At SixCarpe Diem2014
You Me At SixCold Night2014
You Me At SixForgive And Forget2014
You Me At SixFresh Start Fever2014
You Me At SixGossip2008
You Me At SixHope For The Best2014
You Me At SixIf I Were In Your Shoes2008
You Me At SixIf You Run2008
You Me At SixJealous Minds Think Alike2008
You Me At SixLived A Lie2014
You Me At SixLove Me Like You Used To2014
You Me At SixNasty Habits2008
You Me At SixRoom To Breathe2014
You Me At SixSave It For The Bedroom2008
You Me At SixTake Off Your Colours2008
You Me At SixThe Rumour2008
You Me At SixThe Truth Is A Terrible Thing2008
You Me At SixTigers And Sharks2008
You Me At SixToo Young To Feel This Old2014
You Me At SixWild Ones2014
You Me At SixWin Some, Lose Some2014
You Me At SixYou've Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)2008
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